Braum League of Legends kill tips with Q&A

Braum is League of Legend’s first true tank support champion and we are almost ready for the highly anticipated Braum League of Legend release date. Before then, Riot Games will hold a LOL Braum Q&A and we also offer some help on the inevitable ‘How to kill Braum in LOL’ pleas.

First of all, you’ll want to know when the Braum LoL Q&A start time will be. This has just be revealed we’re pleased to say and you can tune into the event from 11am Pacific Time, to 6pm Pacific Time.

To get you prepared for this, you have probably been watching as many Braum LoL gameplay clips that you can get your hands on. We unveiled one to you here recently, but now we offer something much more beneficial.

If you didn’t already realize, Braum is going to be a beast to take down as he now becomes one of the best tanks in the game and you certainly don’t want to touch him whilst you are debuffed.

Will you be able to claim victory against Braum?
Will you be able to claim victory against Braum?

Head to this Braum tutorial here to read through five vital tips on how to kill Braum in LoL, while we have also added the same tips in video form at the bottom of this post.

As we mentioned above, nobody knows the exact Braum release time yet but he has to be coming very soon. Enjoy the Q&A which will start in mere hours and let us know your own strategies on how you plan to deal with Braum as soon as he is live.



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