The Last of Us sequel baited

Fans have been looking forward to seeing a potential The Last of Us 2 announcement at E3 2014, but this week it looks like we may have something rather special to show you in relation to the ongoing rumors.

Although not official yet, an image has appeared online with speculation brewing that it could be attached to a possible The Last of Us sequel – an outcome which many fans believe has to happen on PS4 given the huge success of the first game on PS3.

The image has come from freelance concept artist Marek Okon, along with the caption: “Let me tease you something, it’s coming ;)”

We have included the image above, but you can check out a zoomed original here. It looks like a grown-up version of Ellie holding a guitar, but the big question is whether this is just a fan project, an unused image from the first game, or really something associated with a new The Last of Us game.

Naughty Dog has remained silent on the image, but it is already getting a lot of gamers talking on community boards such as Neogaf. All sorts of theories are flying around at the moment, with some guesses including being related to a The Last of Us movie, an anime project or even a graphical novel.

From our point of view, it does seem very early for The Last of Us 2 to be announced so soon, but you never know. Business is business and we wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen.

Let us know what you think of this image and your thoughts behind what it could be.



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