Outlast DLC release time on PS4, PC

- May 5, 2014

The Outlast Whistleblower DLC release date is under 24 hours away, so some of you will be setting aside time to get stuck in on either PlayStation 4 or PC. This is good news for Product Reviews readers that expected the Outlast DLC to release last month, but has since been delayed and back in April many fans were desperate for details.

Players will become Waylon Park, a software engineer, and early reviews reveal that the game expansion is pretty scary but some people might find the gameplay a little repetitive. The date is May 6, although an Outlast DLC release time for both PC and PS4 will vary by location with the UK getting the add-on a day later, on May 7.

Would you rate Outlast as one of the scariest games you’ve played? If so, will you download the Whistleblower DLC on PS4 or PC?

The price will be $9 in the United States and we will of course let our readers know the moment the Outlast DLC is live, although feel free to discuss a possible release time for your chosen platform in the comments. You can see the official Outlast: Whistleblower DLC trailer below.

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  • Real Rick Grimes

    Isn’t working been trying since this morning.

  • MathewW

    Almost time! Got my spare pair of panties on!

  • fonzy01

    if it isnt out now it should be in 12hrs or less

  • trippy13

    COME ON!! i cant wait to og back to Mount Massive!!!!!
    just hope there will be more jump scares this time around,

  • fonzy01

    since it says the dlc will release in less then 24hrs and this post was posted 22hrs ago it should come out in 2hrs or less or this post is wrong

  • Frank Gomez

    no release time yet for us eastern time?