COD: Advanced Warfare Zombies with Cyborgs

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2014

Once again, we are at the stage where the annual Call of Duty game has just been announced. COD Advanced Warfare is coming, but what we don’t know yet is what the COD Advanced Warfare co-op mode will be like, or in other words what Sledgehammer Games intends to do about the inevitable desire to see COD Advanced Warfare zombies.

What we do know is that there will be a co-op mode for the game, this has already been confirmed. We also know however, that Sledgehammer are not ready to reveal this yet – presumably it will be revealed at E3 2014 in June as a safe bet.

It’s clear that Sledgehammer will try to emulate Treyarch’s immensely popular zombies mode from Black Ops, even if some fans don’t want to see any clones apart from the ‘official’ mode which we’ll see next with Black Ops 3 zombies.

Having said that, we’ve also seen the early demand for some sort of zombies mode to be in the game and that gamers will buy it instantly if it happens.

Since Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is set in the year 2054, the co-op mode is likely going to be based heavily around futuristic weaponry, akin to what we have seen so far in the debut trailer.

More importantly, the trailer also gave us a glimpse of exoskeleton suits, aka mech suits which give soldiers special abilities and access to all kinds of wonderful weaponry to take down the bad guys – District 9, Elysium anyone?

Sledgehammer Games may have been inspired by Titanfall in their latest effort, but while the onus is on futuristic warfare, why not go all out and milk it for what it is worth?

We could see a co-op mode which essentially puts you against evil cyborgs that have managed to get exoskeleton suits of their own and will come at you wave after wave. There is great potential if handled correctly, not to mention players having access to some of the awesome hoverbikes that we also saw teased in the trailer.

As we wait for Sledgehammer to unveil their inevitable imagining of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies, we want to know your best ideas on how it could work whilst set in the 2054 timeline.

Watch the included video below courtesy of YouTuber MrDalekJD to get you started.

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  • not your average 6th grader

    we should still have a little of the free roam like multiplier but way bigger and save the boost jump so its not just small like black ops 1 but bigger then black op 2 oh and make a story line and not just an Easter egg

  • zombie hunter

    I love zombies evveryone does iin my opinion u should make it like black ops zombies just more advanced different maps different guns everyone tht i know wants zombies or cyborgs there couldve been a bio hazzard accident or something went wrong with some of the suits and took over the humans keep the mystery box u guys have to keep the mystery box please extinction is terrible nd boring bring back the fun in cod same gameplay just more futureistic we need zombies back

    • Angel

      I agree also every one I know wants zombies back the aliens were very boring BRING BACK THE ZOMBIES!!!!!!

      • josh

        nobody likes aleins

  • IDeaZombie

    What if the exoskeletons got infected with an AI that trapped the living/dead soldiers inside and you have to fight of waves of these Zombie/cyborgs some that will snipe you, some that will run in for melee, and some that will ambush you, and such and such

  • Justamach

    Sledge hammer made MW3, they had spec ops and chaos mode. Zombies is Tryarchs thing, and Extinction is Ghosts. I’m thinking there will be a more refined chaos mode, fighting villains from the story with special waves like in MW3 they had suicide bombers, dogs, juggernauts, helicopters etc. Along with this refined chaos I think they’ll have a spec ops, since that is what I liked most from MW3 co-op

  • Ethan

    I think it’s time for a new zombie mode! It’s been almost two years since black ops 2 had came out and the fans need new zombie mode. I think sledge hammer should really consider looking into it cuz we the fans love zombies. I think instead of zombies use some type of futuristic monster or cyborg. As long as the gameplay stays the same as zombies. Because ghost extinction is terrible! So please as a huge fan of the call of duty company and zombies give us what we want and make it right and satisfy each fan with a new type of zombies mode! Wouldn’t care if you used cyborgs of not as long as the gameplay is the same!

    • Justamach

      Extinction, in my opinion is much more challenging than Zombie, however I will not argue. Sledge hammer can’t make a new zombies built over Tryarchs Zombies, Sledge hammer is not Tryarch so they can be issues with that since the next Tryarch is going to have zombies


    Cod is