COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer changes

By Daniel Chubb - May 5, 2014

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer details were left out of any reveal so far, and while more information is releasing it’s obvious that the best will be saved for last, considering COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer will be the deal-breaker.

We welcome the fact that Sledgehammer’s new shooter will showcase on a new game engine and add to that the extra time taken with developing for PS4 and Xbox One, then this could see the best Call of Duty game to date, as long as you like the future FPS type game. The trailer revealed a catastrophic event taking place, and as such we saw a glimpse of the story many months before a release date.

What’s known so far about the next Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare will need to make some core changes to multiplayer, and while the biggest fans won’t want another Battlefield, some gamers would like to at least see the option of bigger online maps rather than just a smaller offering. The theme will change, but the game still needs to keep to the Call of Duty roots it’s known for without drifting too far away from what gamers love about this franchise.

We have managed to learn a few things from the details released so far, and these include the fact that COD: Advanced Warfare will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a different studio working on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. There will be a new game engine, although the name and finer details will be revealed at a later date.


The terrorist organization featured within the trailer is called “KVA”, and they will cause devastation in some of the worlds biggest cities in many countries. The game is set 40 years into the future, so you can expect a massive upgrade to weapons in COD: Advanced Warfare. There’s only one single player protagonist called Private Mitchell, a Marine, but Mitchell later leaves the Marines to join the Atlas Corporation that’s run by Jonathan Irons, Kevin Spacey, and you’ll be upgraded with an “EXO” suit for your new job.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, then watch it below our earlier article. This video reveals a lot of the games developments, although some of the finer details will leak during the coming months.

We know you’ll get energy-based weapons, variable grenades, and augmented reality within your visor for game details while on the move. The EXO suit gives you many enhanced abilities that include super-jumps, take cover faster with boost-dodge, magnetic gloves to climb walls, a hover ability, and cloaking. Everything you’d expect 40 years in the future.

What do you want in terms of COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer, and how much should it change?

The most desired changes for Advanced Warfare multiplayer will likely be related spawn killing, matchmaking, and of course certain elements within the killstreak system. Personally, we loved the changes made with the launch of COD: Ghosts, but still found a lot of problems with spawn killing in multiplayer.

Imagine bikes like this in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer.

Imagine bikes like this in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer.

Call of Duty games are all about their online play, so the COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer will be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. While we are yet to get official details on this part of the game, current teases only open the gamer up to what could be possible in multiplayer after seeing some of the abilities and weapons featured in the trailer? How would you like some of the things seen in the trailer applied to online play? Would you like to see the return of vehicles in multiplayer?

Earlier today, we also looked at what alternative to zombies could be added thanks to this area of Call of Duty games became popular since Black Ops. One idea is to swap Zombies for Cyborgs, so have a read and let us know what you’d like to see for the survival mode in COD: Advanced Warfare. You can also count on a co-op mode featuring in the game.

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  • ‘;hytiuw5hyu

    i hope the next cod is present based and a lot like Black Ops 2. it was their best game so far.

  • coggle316

    I hope they bring back team defender and and the multiplayer doesnt have8 any of the gloves than climbs walls or jumping boosts its bad enough there is people jumpimg in multiplayer I call then f…ing fairys realy do my head in

  • jack crane

    how about the Cyborgs mode and ZOMBIES mode

    Have 2 modes

    • Cod4ever

      This cod’s gonna be awesome!!

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    I hope the weapon damage is like Ghosts or higher. It makes for a much smoother, fast-paced game. They better not ruin it like Treyarch did to BO1 and BO2, where all the guns were weak, useless pieces of garbage that felt like they were shooting marshmallows. And on top of that, Treyarch loves nerfing already weak guns to absolute garbage. I have faith in Sledgehammer Games that hopefully they won’t follow Treyarch’s stupid mistakes.

  • TD


  • jamie

    bring back zombies please!!!!

  • harricane

    Bring back zombies

  • CoD Reach

    Energy based weapons? Really? Is that how how CoD became so huge?
    Now BF is the only option. That’s a shame for fans of the series like me, as I will definitely not be picking this up now. Maybe they are hoping to capture some Halo fans that gave the Xbone a miss a bought the PS4. I really don’t understand why those at the top would ever radically change whatever it is that got them to the top. There can only be downside risk – no upside.
    Halo fans will be happy, but not as happy as EA should be – BF is now the sole REALISTIC shooter based on reality (actual guns and earthly environments etc), rather than sci-fi. We should have seen it coming with the alien thingy in Ghosts. Not that I am criticising the sci-fi based FPS games. I admit I don’t like hem as much as the traditional CoD, however I think it unwise for CoD to enter that space at the expense of what makes CoD game.
    Well, it looks as if those critics who always want a drastic changes every iteration will be happy – but will they like it? It remains to be seen. I used to like CoD over BF when I just wanted a quick game. Now it seems like I will always have to go with minimum half hour matches on BF (which suck if you are prone to interuptions etc).
    I feel the devs are panicking after Ghosts did poorer than previous titles and this will only make things worse. On the bright side, I get to save around $150-$300 in November as I always used to buy the Prestige Edition. Maybe this time it will be called the Plasma Edition – or the Master Chief Pack? Hahaha.

    • Cod4ever

      This cod is different, deal with it!

  • Robyn Murach

    As many gun attachments as you want!

  • DSilvermane

    My opinion on improvements.

    1) Bring back point streaks, not kill streaks. This will encourage play of objective based game modes.

    2) Hip firing a sniper class rifle will cause you damage also.

    3) Fix spawn points where one does not spawn into fire fights, in front of the enemy that just killed you, or near explosives.

    4) Increased time to heal in core matches.

    5) Balance score streaks. (No scorestreak lasts more than 2 minutes.)

    6) Remove “K/D ratings” on objective based games. Instead be rewarded for completed objectives. (Instead of showing that a guy got a 44:1 KD on a Kill Confirmed match, and he only picked up 3 tags, show that he got 3 tags vs 44 kills.)

    7) Bring back the quit timer like in Black Ops 2 (Quit a game enough times, and get kicked for 5 mins)

    8) Show game score before entering a game in progress, and have a choice to join in or not, know which team you will be on.

    9) Quitting a game or “dash boarding”, will count as 10 deaths on your KD’s. (Then you will see more realistic KD’s instead of the guy who gets 12/1 on a game and goes 4/16 on the next but quits before the game ends so it won’t hurt his numbers.)

    10) Loosing host during a match, and game kicks everyone back to lobby equates a win to everyone! (And the K/D, scores are recorded.)

    11) Bring back game match recording (like in BOPS2). This has gotton more hackers/cheaters/boosters caught then ever.

    12) If a person has unrealistic scores on the leaderboard, the should be subject to a bit of “checking out” for hacks/cheats/boosting. (See current Ghosts leader boards and they numbers do not become realistic until about 250+ down the board.) Bans should be CONSOLE bans!

    • Kidchem

      Sounds great except a lot of the time I end up leaving a match early because I need to do something or my parents are calling me and I need to step away for awhile. Not everyone leaves a match early because of the score although most do. Maybe instead add the 10 deaths on K/D if the person enters a match right after or a certain time after.

  • TimO

    I would love to see lots of futuristic vehicles in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer, this would make a much better game in my opinion mixed with bigger maps.