Battlefield 5 release date in 2014 vs. 2015

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2014

How are you enjoying Battlefield 4 at the moment? DICE has just pushed out Naval Strike for the game, which is the second Battlefield 4 DLC expansion of a planned four. Dragon’s Teeth is coming this Summer, so is there any chance at all that a Battlefield 5 release date can still happen in 2015?

All signs point to no, but what about if Battlefield 5 isn’t the next game that EA want to release? The publisher will have just witnessed Activision announce Call of Duty Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer Games to release in 2014 and it’s fuelled speculation further that EA still want to make Battlefield an annual release franchise.

The only way they could do this is by giving the next Battlefield game to a developer that isn’t DICE. We know that EA has Visceral Games and BioWare on their books and with BioWare already working on their next Star Wars game after The Old Republic, Visceral Games may be the team to turn to.

On top of this, there are already rumors floating around that a Battlefield game in 2014 could be coming and it could be themed around police. If this is turns out to be Battlefield Bad Company, it would very interesting but being police themed if true it could suggest that something entirely new is coming under a different subtitle.

It’s important to remember that Battlefield 3 was released at the end of 2011 and the next game was Battlefield 4 released towards the end of 2013 so there was a two year gap – with the same developer of course.

The rumors on annual Battlefield releases though are not going away and we would be surprised if EA chose not to cash in after seeing that another Call of Duty title is on the way.

We want to know your thoughts on this. DICE are obviously not going to develop another Battlefield game in 2014 since they have two more BF4 DLC packs to work on, but do you think that Visceral Games could be making a police-themed Battlefield spin-off to release later this year?

Do you support Battlefield annual releases or are you completely against it?

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  • BF5 in 2014

    Hopefully they will go annual as CoD has gone all Halo on me. Waiting until end of 2015 will suck. I haven’t got China Rising or Naval Strike yet, but they look pretty cool.
    They should get BF5 out at the end of the year to steal consumer who will not like that CoD have gone with plasma rifles etc. There will be many who will be passing on AW and waiting for Black Ops 3 (like me). Come November, there will be some CoD fans who may want a shooter (guns with bullets, not laser and plasma rifles) and would be prepared to buy BF5 to get their fix.
    I know they don’t generally do annual releases, but this is an opportunity to gain a lot of market share off CoD. CoD sales with not suffer as much if people do not have an alternative. BF will stand out among all the “futuristic” titles like Titanfail, Destiny, CoD.

    • Scott Summers

      I played Battlefield 3 and loved Battlefield 4…not so much…its on the same par ss Ghost to be honest…youre a little over the top with plasma rifles…Advanced Warfare will be a badass game…where Battlefield 5 will be more of the same with added destruction as they stated and to be honest who cares about that. I want something that I will not be able to put down I can careless if my grenades dont blow everything to pieces…remember how awesome CoD 4 and MW2 were and you didn’t have any of that.

      • BF5 in 2014

        Cod 4 and MW2 did NOT have “energy” weapons. If you like that kind of thing with lasers and plasma rifles (what else could energy weapons refer to??), then that’s fine. It is just not for me. BF is now the last man standing in the AAA FPS online that involves only things that are currently available to real soldiers etc. CoD has now moved in to an overcrowded space (Destiny, Halo, Titanfail etc) and BF gets to enjoy a monopoly on contemporary shooters. Therefore, CoD sales will be down. That doesn’t mean guys like you have the wrong opinion or anything. Actually, I kind of wished I liked sci-fi shooters more, as then I would have at least 4 AAA titles to choose from come November.
        Anyway, I was just pointing out that BF should release in November because guys who don’t like lasers and/or plasma rifles, will only have one option and that is BF. I question wheter they will gain more punters than they lose though, as surely a sci-fi shooter fan will be too busy with Destiny to fork out for CoD. And will the next Halo be out before CoD? I am not sure. And will people still b playing Titanfail?
        This is a sad attempt by CoD to copy Titanfail. Superjumping? Lasers? Plasma rifles? Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

      • shack

        who doesn’t want there granades to blow everything to pieces

  • Tiddy28

    Love Battlefield but don’t think it should be annual. COD has gone very stale with all their releases and I don’t want to see BF go that route. Every other year is a perfect timeline for BF.

    • shack

      I agree

  • mystery man

    Naval strike is the third not second, and there’s still Final Stand to come too

  • darren evans

    i dont want terrible netcode every year. Bad company would be far better than bf3 and 4 if done right, i actually enjoyed bad company campains as well. I wish they would sto using dice, they are crap

    • -___-

      Honestly I havent had a problem with BF4. I do not see what all this “FIX THE GAME” and netcode stuff is about, my PS4 is running it beautifully and lag free. The problem could be that you’re just not very good 😛

      • darren evans

        no. It is fine on ps4 that is why. It is bad (a lot better than it was) on pc. You are obviously an idiot, just because it is fine on ps4 doesnt mean it is optimised properly on pc. Id still rather the bugs and netcode on pc than the horrible flickery low res crap that you are playing. Iv seen the ps4 version, it isnt pretty

        • XavierDR

          Seriously? You must be kidding. Have them both and while playing you can’t tell them apart. Still images are different but I don’t get off on screen captures.

        • shack

          bf4 runs fine for my xbox