Battlefield 4 Squad Join beta wait is over

We have a quick heads-up for all Battlefield 4 players now and it is great news. DICE has just announced that a new update has gone live, finally bringing Battlefield 4 Squad Join to the game – a feature that should have been with the game at launch in all honesty.

Better late than never though and it is great to see EA and DICE making constant changes to update the game amid the complaints that some users have.

Battlefield 4 Squad Join beta is live right now and is available to try out on all platforms of the game. It works in a similar way to the same feature on Battlefield 3, allowing you to pair up with your friends before you head into a match.

This way, you won’t risk being split up on separate teams on crowded servers and it will always ensure that you and your Squad members will stick together as most fans have been requesting since launch.

DICE has reminded everyone that it is still in beta though, with an improved version of Squad Join set to go live this Summer, in time for the Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC expansion.

We’ve included a tutorial on how the Squad Join feature works, it allows up to 5 members to join a Squad straight from the lobby, with the Squad leader being able to take members into games.

Let us know if you have already been using Squad Join and your thoughts on it so far. Are you happy with DICE’s ongoing support for the game – what would you like to see next?



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