Android Silver to kill app bloatware

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2014

While consumers are still pulling their hair out over frustration for elusive devices such as a Nexus 10 2014 tablet and a Nexus 6 smartphone, it looks like Google may be plotting a major move with regards to a new platform called Android Silver.

Android Silver is being touted as a possible replacement for Google’s Nexus platform and it could mean good things for the consumer. This project could be announced at Google I/O 2014 and one of the key differences of Android Silver Vs Nexus could be Google working with multiple manufacturers on devices – rather than one.

This means that more devices will have the special or ‘silver’ treatment by Google and it can only be a win win situation for the consumer and perhaps trouble for other smartphone builders who are wary of Google’s plans to dominate.

One Android Silver feature that we have heard about, is the ability to eliminate app bloatware for good, which will be an instant paradise for many of you and bad news for mobile networks who just love to include their software with new phone purchases.

More stock Android devices can only be seen as good news, but obviously Android Silver is going to offer a lot more once Google makes it official. Right now it is early days and all eyes are on Google I/O to see what Android Silver is all about and of course – the very first Android Silver phone in 2014 to showcase the new platform similar to the Nexus pattern.

What are your initial thoughts on Android Silver, does the idea of eliminating bloatware once and for all sound good to you? We are hearing that LG and Motorola have already signed up to the project – if this is true, would you prefer an LG or Motorola Android Silver phone?

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  • Benjamin

    Meh release what ever, it will hit the 3rd party developers and then into my phone for a test run, if I have a problem then I change roms simple as that. Makes me cringe to think that there are still people running completely stock, I love my galaxy note 2 but I still don’t care for how Samsung wants to run it. I don’t love everything about android but I love having a choice, regardless if someone else believes it to be the wrong one.

  • Richard Denton

    No, not really. I quite like HTC Sense (especially 5.5/6) as it’s very light and has some nice features that I regularly use. I Mich prefer it to the stock Android of the Nexus tablet.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Blowing hot air

    • Josh Hirner

      sounds like someone i know …