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Waptrick app for iPad, iPhone unlikely

Those of you who are constantly searching for a Waptrick app for iPad and iPhone are unlikely to have any success. Waptrick for Android has continued to offer free music and movies for users for months, but due to Apple’s strict stance on copyrighted content, the odds of Waptrick appearing for iOS is very slim.

Having said that, it appears that some developers have found ways to bypass Apple’s security and still get their content out to users via alternative methods.

The most recent example of this can be seen with the Cartoon HD app for iPhone, an app that was initially one of the best sellers on Apple’s App Store. However, due to the nature of the content offered it was removed from the App Store and users were unable to get their Cartoon HD download anymore.

However, Cartoon HD is still available right now and there is a way to get it on your device if you search hard enough. Waptrick for iPad and iPhone appears to be in the same bracket and although there is no Waptrick app on the App Store, there may be a time when it becomes available via other routes.


At the time of writing, Waptrick is still freely available to download on Android and it seems that there is still huge demand for the app and plenty of 5-star reviews from users who have no problems at all using Waptrick on their devices.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s policy regarding these kinds of apps that keep appearing lately? Can you admit to using Cartoon HD in recent weeks and would use Waptrick on iPad and iPhone if it was available too?



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