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Showbox Android app desired on iPhone

Are you still getting maximum enjoyment out of the Showbox Android app? We wrote about this useful app at the start of the year, an app which allows users to gain cash credit simply by unlocking their phones.

It sounds like a shameful scam, but it really isn’t and it looks the Showbox Android download has actually become a massive success on Android. Such a success that we seeing constant demand for a dream Showbox iPhone app release date to happen sometime in the future.

Unfortunately though, such an app isn’t available yet and we have heard no updated information on whether Showbox for iPhone will be released in 2014.


Remember that the whole service revolves around tinkering with the lockscreen and it is probably a little customization too far for Apple’s liking, especially if affects some of their official partners.

The potential is definitely there though so it would be good to see Apple offer this at some point down the road. Let us know if you are a happy Showbox Android app user right now and how you would improve the service.

iPhone users, is this an app that you are desperate to see?



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