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PS4 1.71 update for bug fixes

We have only just had PS4 1.70 go live, but we are already hearing strong whispers suggesting that the PS4 1.71 update release date is coming soon. As perhaps expected though, it will be an update that targets bug fixes and stability as we’ve just had many new features delivered with the PS4 1.70 firmware.

Sony made a lot of PS4 users happy over the last week, for finally delivering an update that offered new features as opposed to regular updates that offered nothing.

PS4 1.70 brought a fresh change though, but perhaps also a few bugs that naturally crept in at the same time. As we kick off another week, Sony may be preparing to offer a quick update to PS4 1.71.

Regular industry insider Tidux has offered the below message in claiming that PS4 1.71 is coming soon. In the same Tweet he also confirmed that it will be an update that addresses bug fixes primarily, rather than preparing more new features.

Digging into the PS4 1.71 bug fixes deeper, it also looks like the new firmware will specifically fix a problem with the PS4 automatically ejecting discs, a problem which we experienced ourselves with our own unit here – although that happened before PS4 1.70 it has to be said.

PS4 owners are still hopeful that other areas will be addressed though, such as cloud saves. There’s also a big request that we keep seeing for PS4 Friends List notifications, a feature that many hoped to see in 1.70, but didn’t.

So there we have it, expect a new PS4 1.71 update to arrive soon – maybe even this week. Let us know your experiences with the firmware so far and what bug fixes you need to see from Sony.



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