GTA High Life DLC update reaffirmed

- May 4, 2014

Within the last hour Rockstar published a tweet reaffirming the GTA High Life DLC update is on the way, and also explained that the Double RP has now ended. Most gamers knew the double money had ended, but it is good to see Rockstar continuing the promotion of their upcoming GTA Online High Life update.

You can see the tweet in question below, only published within the hour, and Rockstar reaffirmed that gamers should “def stay tuned” for the “High Life content update announcement”. They also mention “more in-game bonuses” will arriving for Grand Theft Auto V “soon”, so we’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers in-regard to the bonuses you’d like to see next? Leave a comment below if you have any good ideas.

How much money did you make during the Double RP event? Some people managed to make over 1.4 million during the double money event, and one of the PR team even topped $3M and moved up 15 levels.

You can join in the Twitter discussion thanks to the embedded tweet above, which also includes a number of gamers betting on a release for the GTA High Life update. This Tuesday is still one of the best guesses, but Rockstar isn’t giving anything away just yet. Earlier today, we heard about some players trying to stay logged in until the GTA V 1.13 update arrives, as they feel the double RP won’t end unless you logout.

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  • epicl3vi

    My friend made over 4M and 20+ levels. he broke yalls record.

  • bmw

    Bank under 20 grand

  • bmw

    I never even a had a chanch to even play really and when I did I had to fight dumbasses

  • Tooty Booty

    Stay tuned for what ? you to keep us in the blind with no info rarely and no community feed back. Too busy stealing our hard made maps to put out the update on time ?

    • Tooty Booty

      and when you say a “weekend” that includes Sunday too dicks

  • Dagoberto Pimentel

    I went from level 40 to level 60 and made over 1.2m.

  • Mikey

    lol, PR didn’t do that well, i played like half a day for one day and made 4.1m and got to level 106.

  • Dalton Michael Holmes

    All i gotta say is where the new cars and houses at im ready to buy everything and upgrade my cars to max level oh heres a hint for people who dont know how to make their car a matte with pearl, first choose a matte color preferably black because it works best with most colors then govto metallic but dont pick a color go change your plates then you can choose any pearl color i used matte black with lime green on my turismo and if i see anyone on xbox with the same color and car i will kill you. Haha

  • Tish

    I made over 2 million and levelled up 12 times. I hope GTA 5 patch 1.13 goes live on Tuesday, along with High Life.