Demon’s Souls 2 hope, as PS4 exclusive

- May 4, 2014

There’s hope that Demon’s Souls 2 will release on PS4, as an exclusive following the leak of some artwork for Project Beast. While details are very thin, the images look pretty legit and this is a project being worked on by Sony in Japan along with From Software.

This isn’t the first time we have seen rumors about From Software working with Sony Japan, but after these screenshots and artwork it seems like we have the best evidence yet of Demon’s Souls 2 being a PS4 exclusive game. This might not make some Xbox One owners happy, but we heard from Product Reviews readers in the past waiting for this news before they commit to a new games console.

Hearing that a Demon’s Souls sequel might be dead upset a few of you back in March, so this is a welcomed turnaround, if the rumors are true.

Would you be happy to see Demon’s Souls 2 release on PS4 only? You can see all the pictures on NeoGAF, although they were first published to 4chan. Personally, we’d still take this news as pure speculation at this point until something solid arrives about the name of the game under “Project Beast”. It could even be called Beast Souls.

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  • Nicholas

    It isn’t that it might be a PS4 exclusive Sony owns the Demon souls IP and they didn’t want them to make a number 2 which Sony admitted was a mistake and now that the PS4 is out and there is like no exclusives for it and the Souls games are becoming huge I am sure that Sony is begging for them to make a Demon Souls 2.