New Fallout 4 mustn’t change core game

- May 3, 2014

The new Fallout 4 game that is yet to be announced must keep its core game aspects in place, well this is according to an increasing number of gamers taking to forums and blogs. There is a growing desire to see the games core untouched and when we finally see news about the new Fallout 4, it must reveal something keeping the beloved core values that made the franchise popular with fans in the first place.

We are likely many months away from a Fallout 4 release date, although there’s hopes of some news at E3 2014 or at another point this year and some people really need to see a trailer at least teasing the games development. Call of Duty just did that with their Advanced Warfare video, but then Fallout 4 is known to take a lot longer to develop than so-called annual releases.

Agreement among gamers for Fallout 4 – we have taken a look at a number of blogs this week and forums discussing the features desired, and we noticed a pattern among fans across websites and this relates to the games core. While it is true the new Fallout 4 will need its own unique approach, the majority of fans want to see changes made only on a basic level rather than completely changing the combat and traits the franchise is known for.

It is good to see something new, but change the game too much from its core handling then you could see some people get very upset. “The mix of tactical vs. real time combat works really well and doesn’t need to change. Graphics need an improvement and other features could do with an overhaul, but Bethesda should keep the beloved aspects of the game untouched”, said one fan waiting for the Fallout 4 release.

When you take a look at Elder Scrolls and Fallout you can see a similar engine is used, but both games feel very different when playing, so we agree with a lot of gamers that the core game doesn’t need to be changed.


Would you like a companion in Fallout 4? Another point a few gamers touch on is the need for companions in the next Fallout game, and it seems that some fans like to make their own way in a crazy world rather than being accompanied by someone. One Product Reviews reader stated, “I would like Fallout 4 to not feature any companions, being alone is best suited to this franchise when you travel in such a screwed up world with a great atmosphere”. Of course, it is fair to say that others will still want companions and desire changes in this area with more interaction rather than less.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on Fallout 4 changes and how much you want to see the next instalment change? The game will certainly get a lot of change and graphics improvements, but a total overhaul will not be welcomed in our opinion if it changes too much of the core game.

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  • jonny

    I agree that the core should stay the same. I would like to see similar to skyrim; house customization and keep the hand load ammo thing that was cool.

  • RBT-RS

    I would think Bethesda are going to use the Void engine for the new Fallout, as:
    The Void engine is an FPS-based engine (according to sources) and would kill 2 birds with one stone, finally fixing the VATS-reliant combat and killing Gamebryo (Or it’s spin-off, the Creation engine).

    Something I’d like to see as a modder is a core script language for the game, rather that being handicapped by the SDK Bethesda give us — Something like LUA, wherein that anything you know how to code is possible. I know the current Fallout and Skyrim now have a problem in the modding community as large-scale overhaul mods aren’t possible as the SDK doesn’t feature the capabilities to add some stuff in.

    I agree with the other people here as well, I would like to see a new Pip-boy (Fallout 3 did reveal that the 3000 series was an old series, so it would be nice to see a 4000 series which is less bulky and has more features, etc.)
    As for companions, I think they ought to be kept, but make the quests to get them harder — Rather than just talking to them and say “come with me”, make it so that you have to do a prerequisite quest.

    Vehicles might be a nice addition to the new Fallout (Make them rare and hard-to-get and expensive to use) but it is mentioned in FO:NV that working vehicles still exist, and it would be nice to not be so reliant on fast-travel.

    As for the news of the player getting their own voice (Instead of our famously silent nature) I think it’s a good thing, as conversations can now be cinematic rather than a bland medium-shot of the unlucky guy who happens to be talking to you. I think a system similar to that of Saints Row might be useful, e.g. giving the player the option of 3 different accents per gender to choose from and letting the player pick the best one for them.

  • Turdd Ferguson

    I would love to see Split screen action on console. I understand that would screw with VATS, so if you go split screen, disable VATS. Or, you could have to do VATS together, sort of a timed mini game thing. My wife and I both love the game, and we end up having to sit through the other’s game watching. It’d be a lot of fun to play together.

  • Ogre

    If it plays like Fallout 3 or New Vegas, but with the improved Creation engine or even better id Tech 5, I’ll be content. As for companions, they are a staple from the series, removing them is stupid. If you don’t want one, don’t effing use them, not browbeat Bethesda to remove them wholesale.

  • Incredibutt

    There will be features we adore and a few that we do not like. Undoubtedly though – it will be an amazing game. After all, it IS Bethesda making it – and I have complete faith in them.

  • hawbash

    well i only want one simple thing , release the f****** game .

  • Spire

    I’d like the Pip-Boy to get a bit of a refresh/upgrade…you can throw rocks at me now. It’s just between F3 and FNV, the amount of time you potentially spend looking at that screen can get kind of old.

  • Dogmeat

    As much as gamers hated it. I think a core value that needs to remain the same is beginning the game as a child and seeing your character grow up. It was just essential towards the game because as annoying as it was, it still got players more interested into storyline and having more of an emotional attachment towards their character. It’s better than just waking up as some delivery guy who got shot in the head

    • Ryan Kosior

      I agree 100%, New Vegas’ intro (and story in general) is one of the many reasons why I preferred Fallout 3. Its much more compelling that way.

    • Aaron C

      Did gamers hate that? I thought it was cool. On multiple playthroughs it can get tedious (if you’re not using a mod to skip it), but first play, it’s totally awesome.

  • nuka-cola delivery guy

    i would like mr house to return

  • A random fallout fan

    Something I would like to have fun with is when the final quest is complete the game continues and you interact with the wasteland as it would be from the final outcome. (IE side with NCR and NCR rules the wastes Or Caesar and the Legion rules the wastes) You run around in that world. Kind of like a GTA ending.

    • Matt

      Like broken steel

  • A random fallout fan

    I would still like to see not just companion’s but that you can have more than one at the same time. FO3 using the set essential consol commands, I can get Red, Sticky, Shorty, Sidney and a normal companion (IE Clover, Charon, Butch). Having my own fire team can get really fun. Seriously, try it.

  • Kole Larabee

    I still think there should be campanion’s but it’s optional to have one and it shouldnt be as simple like fallout 3 to get one. You should have to actually earn there trust by doing a quest for them plus the game should be more open like Skyrim.

    Also something should happen that was affected by the story line from fallout 3 or fallout new vegas such as the water being pureified or the NCR are trying to take over the country or something like that.

    Combat should also be diffrent such as enimies and players and NPC”S haveing diffrent weaknesses depending on their amour or clothing there wearing. Also it would be funner if you could join diffrent Faction’s and depending on your choice it will effect certain quests or the storyline.

    It would be more interesting if you could control veacles or activate certain thing’s that caused disasters or affect diffrent communities

  • rathbone

    if they have companions feature on the game just dont make having a companion mandatory then who wants a one can have one and who doesnt wont have too

    main thing for me is i hope they dont make a game thats bugged alot then not fix the bugs like on new vegas had alot

    i hope you also got a choice like on skyrim were you could buy a building but also create using what you had afterall in a waste land there are tons of empty and broken houses inaccessible in fallout 3 could of been used and improved

    • Aaron C

      It’s Bethesda. Bugs are inevitable. 😉

      I really hope your choices have much more of an outcome on what people say to you or how they treat you. It would be great to “build a reputation” throughout the game, and then you hear on the radio or something what happened. I’ll never forget how I felt when I heard Three Dog call me a “scumbag” because I had accidentally gotten in a firefight with the ghouls and killed all of them. Oops!

      Would be cool if certain NPC’s in the game who knew other people had gotten word of you (good or bad).

  • Darren

    I want combat to work the same way in Fallout 4, a few changes can be made but please don’t change it too much.

    • Aaron C

      I keep hearing folks wanting to do away with VATS. I loved VATS, used it all the time, and hope they keep it.

  • JagedNS

    It’s really a no win situation for developers. If they change too much, people will be upset & if they don’t change enough, people will say “same old same old” I love fallout 3, new Vegas & Skyrim and hope a new FO combines aspects of all of them with improved visuals