GTA V Heists getaway car

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2014

While Rockstar has yet to deliver on a GTA V Heists release date, many fans are happy that Rockstar has at least confirmed that the highly anticipated content will be out this Spring without fail.

With this in mind, gamers have unsurprisingly began with the exciting preparation for the GTA V Heists update that is about to land, especially with fans wondering what GTA V Heists getaway car to use.

This is a highly important decision, as if you can imagine choosing the wrong four-door car could have drastic results on your teammates in the heat of fire after just robbing a bank or another highly secured building.

If you have been playing the game at launch, most of you should already have an idea of what cars will be good for GTA V Heists and what cars you need to avoid.

One car that we would recommend is the Exemplar. The model which is pictured above is a great four door car and although it may not offer much by way of protection, it will certainly get you out of a tricky situation more times than not.

We’ve already seen that this vehicle is a popular choice in regular play, but it could become a firm favorite once Heists goes live. If you are looking for something with a little more protection though, you may want to choose something like Franklin’s Buffalo.

Are you going to choose the Buffalo as your Heists getaway car?

Are you going to choose the Buffalo as your Heists getaway car?

What you will lose in speed, you will make up in excellent protection and ensure that your vehicle can take some heavy damage before impacting your control over the car. It’s currently one of the popular rugged motors in GTA V and could be another car that many players turn to for their GTA Online Heists missions.

Obviously these are just a few suggestions, as we’re sure you have some better ideas for us. Some honorable mentions have to include the Sultan RS, the Sandking XL, the Oracle XS and the Mesa if you manage to get one – all of which are good in off-road situations when Heists start to get a little dirtier than intended.

Let us know which car you are planning to use as your primary Heists getaway car. Are you perfectly prepared for Rockstar’s update now, or do you need to raise money to get the car that you want first?

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  • brian

    The Dinka Akuma is the fastest vehicle in the entire game. You don’t need protection if you have speed.

  • sheen

    Sultan, gangster

  • Dalton Michael Holmes

    If somebody knows a way to dupe cars ill dupe my roosevelt for franklins buffalo my gamertag is CtrlAltxcrazyx on xbox

    • brian

      Did you know that the buffalo isn’t even rare? I have seen franklin’s buffalo like 50 times in the game

      • Dalton Michael Holmes

        Ive never seen franklins version of the buffalo unless someone online is driving, i wabt it because it actually looks like a dodge charger.


    I have a blacked out Tailgater and just grabbed a Buffalo. I want to see which is better. I’ll probably keep both though.

  • i MRoD i

    I’m actually getting ready by suping up my Obey Tailgater. That car would be perfect for Heists because it’s a fast 4-Door with pretty good handling. My four-man team would be unstoppable.

  • Brian Deadmanwalkin Colby

    got Buffalo , Mesa in my garage already

  • Branden

    Love the Buffalo, will certainly be my choice when GTA 5 Heists finally releases.