Everton vs. Manchester City prediction by FIFA 14

If you are preparing yourself for the crucial title decider for the 2013/14 Barclay’s Premiership later on with Everton Vs Manchester City, we have something for all FIFA 14 players to watch before kick-off begins later on today.

This match could obviously play a very important role in who wins the Premiership this season between Liverpool FC and Man City. Man City need a win at all costs, while Liverpool will be hoping that their old rivals can do them a favor this time with Everton perhaps sneaking a draw.

While you wait for the match to start, take a look at the prediction video below that we have included. It runs a virtual simulation of today’s match with Everton Vs Manchester City live, although you may be unhappy with the prediction depending on where your allegiances lie.

The FIFA 14 match simulation has predicted that the Man City Vs Everton result will be 2-0 to Man City, with Sergio Aguero and Javi Garcia scoring the goals.

It will be interesting to see if this prediction comes true, as it wouldn’t be the first time that FIFA 14 simulation videos have managed to tempt fate in reality.

Watch it and let us know what you think the Everton Vs Manchester City final result will be. Is it an easy win for Man City, putting pressure on Liverpool?



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