COD: Advanced Warfare DLC on Xbox One before PS4

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2014

As we told you earlier this week, Activision has finally announced the Call of Duty 2014 game developed by Sledgehammer. It is going to be called Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and now we have some important information regarding the inevitable COD: Advanced Warfare DLC.

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest rumors regarding Call of Duty over the last year or so, you may be aware of initial speculation suggesting that Microsoft’s DLC exclusivity agreement with Activision could have expired after the release of Call of Duty Ghosts.

However, we can confirm to you now that this isn’t the case. Activision and Microsoft have said in black and white that COD Advanced Warfare DLC will still be on Xbox first, which means that the same month long shenanigans will carry on and PS3, PS4 and PC owners will have to wait a month extra to play any new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC.

Having said that, we’re not entirely surprised by this outcome. It almost feels like a forgone conclusion these days that Call of Duty is an Xbox brand, but it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft has renewed their exclusivity contract with Activision or if it really is going to expire soon.

PS4 owners reading this won’t be happy though as some may admit for the first time in a while that COD: Advanced Warfare looks promising. The fact that PS4 owners have to wait a month again though may be a huge turn off and certainly won’t help Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass sales on PlayStation.

Give us your reaction to the news. Are you surprised by this or not?

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  • Bone of Duty

    Activision still siding with XBox even though they have the far inferior console? Not too smart, Activision. I didn’t play much of Ghosts multiplayer, but I did finish the campaign. I will be skipping AW as they are clearly tethered to MS and they are other options that do not favoiur the XBone. Where I think Activision are going wrong is that the install base of the Xbone is going to be far smaller than PS4. Whereas last gen, the PS3 only caught up right at the end. It will be interesting to see if the PS people come back if and when they stop these silly deals. Also, I don’t know why MS want yet another multiplayer FPS in an exclusive arrangement , they already have Titanfail. I guess that is what they are going for, whereas the PS4 is going for a wider variety. RPGs, indie games etc.
    I guess if I want to play FPS multiplayer, it will be Bungie’s new game, Destiny. Now there’s a savvy company. They stuck with MS until they could see that the XBone was inferior, now they are platform neutral. Activision should take a leaf out of their book.
    I predict a continuation of the trend of flagging CoD sales, as it has been since BO2. The series could have really used the shot in the arm that a move to platform neutrality would have given.

  • inFluX

    CoD: AW does look pretty good, I’m pumped. Hopefully it’ll be much better than Ghosts (could you get any worse?). But personally I’ve never really been interested in DLC for any CoD game, and I’d rather play the superior version too (native 1080p yada yada yada…).