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Child of Light PS4 review in one minute

If you have been needing to play new PS4 games with your collection looking bare as of late, one new game which you definitely want to try out is Child of Light on PS4 – released just a few days ago and has gone on to receive rave reviews.

Child of Light may have been a game that went under the radar during development, but it is now the PS4 game that everybody is talking about. The game from Ubisoft is actually a game that has been built using the same engine as the beautiful Rayman Legends, which is why there has been universal praise on the game’s visuals.

We are sure that most of you have already checked out plenty of critic reviews from the usual suspects before buying the game, but now we point you in the direction of one fantastic Child of Light PS4 review that we have spotted from a gamer’s point of view.

Gamer reviews are becoming just as popular as critic reviews in today’s social driven community and you are going to appreciate the Child of Light “one minute review’ that has been completed by well known YouTuber ProJared.

The review may be short, but it is definitely sweet and has already racked up over 70,000 viewers in the space of a few days. The message delivered is clear though and it should give you a good idea on whether Child of Light is for you or not.

For those that have already bought it – what are your impressions?



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