GTA V Online double RP weekend

- May 2, 2014

Starting today is Grand Theft Auto V’s Online double RP weekend that will run for only 2 days, so if you want to play with double money then you should get gaming as much as possible over the next 48 hours. The event is planned to run until Midnight on May 3, and a blog post by Rockstar signaled exactly why they want to offer players the chance to build money.

Rockstar confirmed the GTA V High Life Update will be “coming this month”, although considering they need to release both Heists and this DLC by the end of spring it seems obvious a statement like this would be made.

We previously touched on the GTA V 1.13 update still being within a normal pattern shown by patches so far this year, and it seems likely that the next patch would be up to download within the next week and half. Now that Rockstar issued a GTA Online double RP weekend for building money, could we really see the DLC land this coming Tuesday? Time will tell if that’s true, although a number of Product Reviews readers believe this is indeed the case.

The list of GTA V’s Online Jobs and activities delivering double RP – you will notice that all of the activities and Jobs will bring double money and this includes Losing Wanted Level, Import Export, Hold Ups, Gang Attacks, Parachuting, Missions, Survival, Last Team Standing, Capture, Races, and Deathmatch. Feel free to share a comment with the activities you plan to play over the next couple of days, while getting double the money.

You might also want to take a look at a recent clue revealing what seems to be the Jetpack spawn location.


Do you think this weekend’s event is a clear signal towards GTA V’s Online High Life update coming next week? Or, do you think the DLC and patch 1.3 will arrive much later in the month?

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  • Christian Allan

    Uhm rooftop rumble and races but I have a money hoarding game mod if u want to join add MG PredAT3R

  • Nicole Crook

    Rooftop 37k 5000rp

  • C@PO

    So that means no heists this month if they haven’t even given a date for the high life update.

  • Kevin Alan Ashcroft

    Thanks rock star got 9 million for the new houses thanks again keep up the good work

    • RR

      What job?

  • Sammy

    I really hope both the High Life update and patch 1.13 land on tuesday, that would be so cool. I really can’t see them waiting until later in the month after doing this event now.