GTA V clue for Jetpack spawn location

By Alan Ng - May 2, 2014

While GTA V players continue to wait for the highly anticipated GTA V 1.13 and High Life updates, there is speculation on the side brewing that we could be close to finding out the GTA V Jetpack spawn location.

Back in April, we told you that code had been found the GTA V 1.12 update, specifically referencing new files that were attached to the Jetpack mystery which no player has yet to fully solve.

Rockstar as always are remaining silent on the GTA V Mount Chiliad mystery, but you can bet that they are keeping an eye on the hunt and well aware that some players are getting close to solving the puzzle once and for all.

With code now found suggesting that the GTA V Jetpack is indeed a real thing and likely to come as GTA V DLC at some point, we bring some new information this week relating to the possible GTA V Jetpack spawn location.


Some of you may already know this, but for those that don’t there is a rock near the altruist camp in the mountains. The design on the rock looks very similar to the picture of the murial which you can see at Mount Chiliad.

By placing a baseball bat next to the picture, you’ll see that the design on the rock matches up more closely with Rockstar’s sketch on the murial. This has led to increased speculation that the rock could be the GTA V Jetpack spawn location for when it is officially released.

Take a close look at the two images and you will agree that there are some distinct similarities between the two. It’s certainly made a lot of GTA V secret hunters very happy and perhaps we are now one step closer to getting the Jetpack in the game at last.

Do you think the Jetpack will spawn in this location? Give us your own theories on the Mount Chiliad mystery.

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  • brandon

    I kinda hope its not online it might ruin the game..

  • Daniel Larusso

    When the jet pack does come out it will be fun.I can already think of what to do with it that will piss everyone off…. I’m fairly sure this post won’t be seen so very much so i’ll tell ya what i’m thinking. Wallbreach + Jet pack= unfair advantage. I know of at least 4 unpublished spots and will use them to tormente the living crap outta some people. Buahahahahahaa. and dammit if it never happens.

    • Cory hill

      Plot twist, jet pack only spawns during thunder + lightning storms

      • Junktio

        Would make sense if the jetpack would spawn only during thunder + lighting storms. because it would match up to everything and tie right into the mural more. But on the downside if you were to enable change weather cheat would that affect the spawn location for the jetpack?