Watch Dogs PC stopgap for GTA V

By Alan Ng - May 1, 2014

The anticipation for Watch Dogs is starting to reach fever pitch, perhaps even more so now that the game was initially delayed as a launch release for next-gen consoles. The game is coming at the end of May and we could see increased sales from those gamers who are fed up of waiting for an official GTA V PC release date.

As most of you are aware, we traditionally see PC releases of new GTA games around six to eight months from the console release. However, Rockstar has maintained their infamous silence on GTA V PC, fuelling rumors further that the PC release may be being held back specifically so that Rockstar can get PS4 and Xbox One versions out at the same time.

While many gamers wouldn’t mind this at all, it is the silence that is causing most of the frustration and we have already seen a fair amount of feedback suggesting that many fans are preparing to jump ship to Watch Dogs on PC as a way of a stopgap between the two.

Watch Dogs is due out on May 27 and it will finally give those who wanted GTA V on PC to arrive, the open-world game they desire so much. We fully expect Rockstar to deliver on a PC version, but we think we speak on behalf of most in saying that we probably expected a PC version of GTA V to release already.

As a result, Ubisoft will be more than happy to cater for those who are feeling a little unhappy about the wait for GTA V on PC. The PC version of Watch Dogs looks absolutely incredible and don’t forget can be enhanced tenfold once users manage to get Watch Dogs mods fully operational.

Do you consider yourself in the same boat as a user who has been waiting for GTA V PC for a long time, but will now pick up Watch Dogs PC instead as a stopgap to pass the time?

Give us your thoughts on reaction to this debate.

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  • John Jorell

    Well is this how Roackstar is not gonna spill the beans about GTA V for PC? Then I might as well join with you and buy Watch Dogs for PC. And if the sales of Watch Dogs increases than the combined sales from GTA V for PS3 and X360, then Rockstar SHOULD already LEARN THEIR lesson.

  • Majestik

    Pre Ordered Watchdogs cause Rockstar are selfish. Don’t get me wrong I will probably get GTA V one day but whether it’s torrented or bought cheap depends on how much more Rockstar wants to rip off PC gamers. If they release it after November 2014 then I probably won’t buy it.

  • Alan Harvey

    Pre-Ordered Watch dog Dedsec edition. Fu** GTA. Taking way too long to release a bloody game on Pc which is actually made on Pc. Why should people buy the game when we know everything about it via YouTube people playing it. I bet if it comes out, people would only buy it to mod it.

  • timLuckluck

    Already preorderd watch dogs. Wont buy GTA V. I hate being manipulated. Expected more from Rockstar.

  • Jimmy

    Yea watchdogs gonna be absolutely better than gta v judging the gameplay and graphics on the pc and nextgen versions and also you can get a season pass which add much more content like a new character and many more missions.

  • sugarman

    They lost me already.I already pre-ordered Watchdogs for PC,i cant wait for GTA V but now i wont buy it because i will have watchdogs..

  • Jevgenij Kriv

    There is a tradition: if new GTA game gets delayed on PC for more than six months someone else is releasing GTA killer-clone!
    Remember Driver 3? True Crime? I am sure there were more! 🙂

  • Tai Man Chan

    GTA IV console sold for 20 miliion copies while PC version sold only 0.8 million copies.
    Would they really care PC sector now?

    • Jevgenij Kriv

      A port of a game six months later after original release sold 0.8 mln. copies is HUGE! Common, I bet that all these ports of GTA3 series on portables didn’t make over 100 k copies… But even they keep coming!

      • Cahuatijo

        It’s not remotely huge if they have to sink large amounts of money into its development and keep servers going for multiplayer.
        On the other hand, they have not officially announced that they will NOT release the PC version, so there’s hope still.

        • logoster

          they don’t host any server’s for gta iv multiplayer, it’s all hosted on your PC

    • logoster

      They only sold that little, because rockstar failed badly with the pc port of gta iv, heck, people still TO THIS DAY, have trouble getting it to work, if rockstar were to put actual TIME into the pc version of gta v, they would get 10x as many copies sold then the console version of gta v

    • PirateDogs

      The low PC sales is due to pirating as GTA IV was really only about the SP game. Same with Watch Dogs. They should NOT be releasing the PC at the same time as the console versions ,as many will now never pay for the game. At least Rockstar, by delaying the PC release, made people either wait ages or pay for GTA IV. Ubi are just gifting the game (and from what Ihave heard the PC version graphics are better to boot) to players. Having said that, I am a couch gamer as I am over desks after sittiing at one all day, so I have pre-ordered the Dedsec Edition for PS4. Let’s see if I am right. My guess is sales will be FAR lower Watch Dogs than for GTA V even though it seems to be a better game and will probably hit more screens that GTAV. It’s just that Ubi will be missing out on a LOT of revenue. All because of commercial naivete. Which is sad, because they deserve the coin for this as the game looks AWESOME.

      • Majestik

        It’s still 25gb to download watch dogs. I’d rather buy it then wait for 25gb to download for a game with no multiplayer at all and possibly sh** crack/patch.
        I remember trying to get GTA IV cracked and patched on windows 8… it was almost impossible but after about 8hrs of fiddling around with files I got it.

    • hello

      mostly because it was rushed and so badly coded not many people’s pc’s could play it at the time lol

  • Andrew

    Been waiting for gta v on pc for over a year now… this is really disappointing.

    • Pretty much everything about GTA V and Online is disappointing.