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Watch Dogs PC stopgap for GTA V

The anticipation for Watch Dogs is starting to reach fever pitch, perhaps even more so now that the game was initially delayed as a launch release for next-gen consoles. The game is coming at the end of May and we could see increased sales from those gamers who are fed up of waiting for an official GTA V PC release date.

As most of you are aware, we traditionally see PC releases of new GTA games around six to eight months from the console release. However, Rockstar has maintained their infamous silence on GTA V PC, fuelling rumors further that the PC release may be being held back specifically so that Rockstar can get PS4 and Xbox One versions out at the same time.

While many gamers wouldn’t mind this at all, it is the silence that is causing most of the frustration and we have already seen a fair amount of feedback suggesting that many fans are preparing to jump ship to Watch Dogs on PC as a way of a stopgap between the two.

Watch Dogs is due out on May 27 and it will finally give those who wanted GTA V on PC to arrive, the open-world game they desire so much. We fully expect Rockstar to deliver on a PC version, but we think we speak on behalf of most in saying that we probably expected a PC version of GTA V to release already.

As a result, Ubisoft will be more than happy to cater for those who are feeling a little unhappy about the wait for GTA V on PC. The PC version of Watch Dogs looks absolutely incredible and don’t forget can be enhanced tenfold once users manage to get Watch Dogs mods fully operational.

Do you consider yourself in the same boat as a user who has been waiting for GTA V PC for a long time, but will now pick up Watch Dogs PC instead as a stopgap to pass the time?

Give us your thoughts on reaction to this debate.



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