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Snapchat update for Android is live

If you enjoy using your mobile to take fun photos or videos and then share them to a friend with a caption, then chances are you will be using Snapchat, and if you were already happy with the app, but felt there were one or two areas that needed to be addressed, then you will be pleased to know that the developer has now updated the app.

Snapchat update for Android went live today and with it comes several new services, two of which are Smart Filters, which allows you to include data overlays onto your Snaps, and also Visual Filters to make your Snaps more useful.

The developer has not stopped there, because this newest version of Snapchat now comes with Replay, Special Text, the ability to add up to seven friends and Front-facing flash.

While these new Snapchat services will be installed onto your Android device, you will need to enable them before trying to use them, which you can do by going to Settings > Additional Services > Manage.

Snapchat update for Android

Looking at some of the reviews following this Snapchat update, they seem to be leaning towards the positive side, although there are still one or two recurring issues, such as the Nexus 4 rebooting every time the Snapchat app is used.

A few users have said that since the update, the camera will no longer focus correctly. We have to point out that these negative comments are in the minority because there are far more positive reviews, which you can read by visiting the Google Play Store.



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