Snapchat not working after update issues

- May 1, 2014

It looks like the reports of Snapchat not working have increased dramatically after the latest update on Android and iPhone today, problems are being submitted on Google play, iTunes, forums, and even a number of Product Reviews articles. Earlier today, we published news about a major Snapchat update for Android and since that article went live it seems issues have been mounting.

The feedback we’ve received seems to show that problems with the Snapchat update depend on your Android phone or iOS device, so if you find the app is not working it might be an issue with a certain device. This will likely be fixed in the next update, or it could be problems with the server today thanks to higher demand after the download.

Snapchat not working after update – we’ve seen hundreds of reports and issues include “crashing when you start the app”, not being able to “reset the Snapchat password”, “login issues”, “the app just freezes every time I enter it”, and not being able to “upgrade to the new Snapchat update”.

One of the most common problems is with resetting the Snapchat password and we’ve heard from a lot of users in regard to this very problem. On Facebook users have stated, “won’t let me reset my password, keeps coming up oops sorry something went wrong”. This particular user received hundreds of others agreeing with them and some people said “keep trying, it took me about an hour to reset my password with Snapchat”.

Snapchat update for Android is live

Is Snapchat not working after this update? Did your issues fix themselves after time, or are you still having problems on Android or iPhone?

It is worth noting that thanks to this being a major update and people not being able to reset passwords, it seems obvious a lot of these problems are due to very busy servers and some of you might even find Snapchat down for small amounts of time. Leave a comment below, letting us know if the install went smooth or if Snapchat is not working as well after the update.

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  • Danny Somerville

    Inbetween updates if you do not log in or out your account won’t refresh when you do you should receive any hacks updates etc so remember peeps refresh for a good snap sesh!!!

  • Noel.W

    Agree with Greek god my ex and her sister hacked my account, didn’t even no until 5months later when we are back together she confessed to Doing it and asked why I never said anything, I told her I had no clue she said my contacts out of my phone will be there but they weren’t. I logged of my phone and back on and bingo there they where also goes for anything the same like snaps won’t send or can’t view snaps just log off and back on.

  • Greek god

    Amanda if they don’t automatically go on log out of you snappy account and which will cause your acc to refresh log back on and they should be there if not maybe delete account an start again snappy is driving me mad at the momes logging me out all the time won’t let me log in sometimes p@$$ing me right off

  • Amanda Calderwood

    I’ve logged in to snapchat on my husbands device to sync his contacts but the won’t upload when there supposed to anyone no y

  • Ja’Kira Ivy

    My snapchat was working perfectly fine on the same day, until I updated it. My other social media apps still worked after I updated those. It’s only snapchat that won’t open

  • Bradley Randolph

    Snapchat was working fine 3 days ago on my LG G2 and then I somehow got signed out after an app update. When I try to log in, I get the error message “There was a problem with the server. Please try again later.” I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app, no luck. Made sure my google account is synced, no luck. App works fine on my sisters LG Curve. Any suggestions?

  • Kazzia

    Whenever I turn my camera to selfie the app crahes its getting really annoying I’m on a android 4.2.2 since I smashed my iPhone 4s a couple of days ago man I wish I didn’t now

  • tmartin54

    My stories glitch

  • Brent Ezzell

    Keep resetting my password and is still telling me I have wrong login or that there is an error.

  • Over it ..

    None of my snaps are uploading. Just says “Failed – Tap to retry”. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed it 10 times now. Just gona delete the app .. Cant be stuffed with it anymore ..

  • Dc2

    Doesnt allow me to open the app

  • sup

    After update it logged me out. I then made the dumb decision to delete the app but now i cant get it back saying my device isnt compatible. WTF

  • hi

    ive been trying to fix my snapchat since july 1st . it logged me out and it wont let me log back in . it says my login has temporarily failed so please try again later .I left multiple emails for help and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling ,turning off my phone . it still doesn’t work and it is now july 6th . I really want to enjoy snapchat . this started after the update . can u please fix quick .

  • alex

    Snapchat is not working and it keeps saying something like about the connection server. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling it a lot of times. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!

  • Zakiya

    Snapchat isn’t working properly for over a week . I won’t let me log in , it keeps saying something about the connection server . PLEASE FIX IT , I LOVE SNAPCHAT ! This problem haven’t started until I downloaded the updated Snapchat . I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times still the same results . FIX IT PLEASE !

  • Denon Beckloff

    I have the galaxy s6. I installed and Unistalled it like 20 times and says, no connection to server even though my Internet has been working fine. It’s been that way for almost 2 months!!!!!

  • Larissa C

    I have an s4 Samsung and since I’ve updated snap chat evweytime I open it it forces me off and says unfortunately snap chat as stopped. You can either hit report or okay. This sucks! !!!!

    • Allison T.

      I have the exact same issue. It’s making me crazy!!

  • Kristin Penseyres Surran

    It’s not working. It keeps telling me my password is wrong even after I reset it. Help?

  • Kayla

    I have an iPhone 5c in pink when I try to use snapchat it just freezes then it exits out of the app i got the new update fix it fix it fix it I need my snap chat

    • Kayla

      What do I do any advice just reply plz I need it😁😁😁

  • Kylie

    I have an LG G2 phone. Whenever I try logging into Snapchat, it just keeps loading. This was after the newest android update. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled and changed my password which it did accept as a changed password online, but I won’t know until I can login. Hoping that this problem will be resolved soon, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

  • jose1128

    whenever I try to log on all it does is keep loading. I have tried restarting my phone and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing has worked so far. I sent an email to snapchat and they didnt help at all.

  • Max

    New Samsung S6 Edge won’t login to snapchat. Won’t even recognize my email address?

  • zoe jade

    I have updated it and now every time I go to open the app it constantly says “snapchat has stopped working”. I restarted my phone and uninstalled then reinstalled the app and it still won’t work.

  • snapchat withdrawals

    I cannot send a story for myself. It says snap failed. And other people’s stories say tap to download and it doesn’t load. My phones an LG infuse a straighttalk phone. This occurred after the update. Can i go back to the old snapchat?

  • Tre’ Maddox

    wont connect to server, tried everything

  • brekke

    I can’t login because of ‘a connection problem with the server’ and on another Phone it works perfectly???

    • Denon Beckloff

      I have the same problem. It’s happend this way for me for almost 3 months now.

  • asmita_mehta

    I recently chnged my passwrd as my account ws locked for using a third party application bcoz of windows phn nd nw wheneva I try to log in it says please upgrade to newer version!! Wats it nw??

  • Abbey

    Updated it.. I try&open the App & crashes.. Deleted the app several times, logged back in several times
    Just keeps kicking me out the app

  • marie

    It shows that I have new snaps, but when I click to download them, it shows that it’s processing but then it goes back to “tap to download” and it won’t let me open them.

    • Denon Beckloff

      Yea i have the same problem

  • Robyn

    Since last update not working on Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, android 2.3.4. Error when doing anything. Application unexpectedly closed. Login the only thing that works. Any ideas?

  • Eunice

    I can’t get a password reset request, it won’t send. I used to have the app but it got deleted and I tried logging in again, sent a request, and it didn’t appear in my email.

    Perhaps there’s something wrong with my email instead…?

  • Alexis Willard

    I updated it but it’s still not working it shows the yellow screen with the ghost but then crashes

  • Andrew

    My snapchat wont let me live video chat with my friend even though they are on at the same time, ive tried deleting stuff to make more room and other things anybody have a solution?

  • DB

    I use iphone 5 and recently everytime I open snapchat the screen freezes and goes black. I have tried deleting and downloading again. Help!

  • Dougal Holloway

    im using a samsung galaxy s4 mini, on android 4.2.2 jellybean, and snapchat chat crashes alot on me, mainly on the front facing camera then i have to reboot since this new update, its quite frustratation, as every now and again, it will work, snapchat have also failed to return any of my emails, yeahhh cheers then,, lol

  • A.

    I can’t update the app on my samsung transform ultra from sprint. Every time i double tap the update it takes me to the play market and shows me that snapchat has already been installed. What do i do?

  • pc

    I updated the app but since then it doesn’t even start, I receive notifications but when I try to go to the app I just see the yellow background with the white ghost from the beginning, and then nothing happens, it leads me back to my phone desktop.

  • Confused User

    its not letting me update the new upgrade, its on v.6.1.2 and it wont change to the .5.0.1 that its at for the new one. What do I do to get that upgrade of the new snapchat?

  • Confused asf

    Won’t even let me download the update… It wont even show up. It downloaded it once.. but now it’s gone again..

  • Annoyed user

    I hate the new design! And I don’t like that you can’t see anymore how often you have snapchatted with one particularly person. But the update works fine for me…but is it possible to “downgrade” the version again? The new design really sucks

  • Pissed Consumer

    I cant send any snaps- my iPod 4th gen crashes once I take the picture and start writing the caption. Like I can’t send ANY pictures whatsoever. This is VERY annoying and I hope Snapchat comes out with another update to fix this problem.

  • Annoyed consumer

    The app keeps crashing on my ipod 4th generation. Also, the button won’t turn blue to video chat even when we’re both in the chat!! Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future. Anyone know if we will see a resolving update soon?? They just need to fix the bugs and glitches and maybe more people will like it. Thanks!

  • Avienna

    My switch camera option is completely gone. I’m only able to snap using the frontal camera on my iphone4s

  • aycha

    the new update sucks.
    i cant seem to retake a snap. one snap sticks there and doesnt cross out. and the same snap stays there even in the other contacts. please help !!

  • Iphone5s

    New Update doesn’t allow you to clear your feed anymore?? Anyone know if you can do that??

  • i hate snapchat nowadays

    the new update sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emilia

    it freezes and i have to reset my phone every time i open snapchat

  • sam

    i cant switch the camrea from back to front anymore !

  • Angie

    I can’t use video anymore to film anything and my live video does not work!!!

  • LA

    I can’t seem to even upgrade the snapchat on iPhone when it says ‘double tap to upgrade’. It goes straight to the App Store, then just says ‘open’ instead of ‘upgrade’.

    • Rachel

      Thats exactly what is said for me πŸ™

    • aycha

      you got to go to the snap sent from team snapchat and watch it all and the double click it to upgrade.though i wouldnt reccommend , it sucks.

  • Sam

    The live video will never connect!! It freezes up then exits

  • Kim

    It stays in the image i last sent and i have to restart snapchat atleast twice, it freezes when i try to change from front view to back view, i just dislike this update so strongly, any idea when itll be fixed?

    • aycha

      same as mine ! wont freaking take another snap or change the camera. hate the new upgrade

  • Amanda

    It makes my camera blurry and I just want to go back to the old version

  • Jgarrett5245

    Snapchat crashes a lot and the live video chat does not work

  • Guest

    Everytime someone is online i get kicked out of the app

  • Guest

    My app never would give me the option to update, so I deleted the app and downloaded it with the update; that was this morning. I still have not been able to log in or reset my password ever since.

  • MasterCheetoh

    cannot access the password reset it says can not load page please try again

  • NewNew

    I accidentally cleared my server and cannot upgrade snapchat? Is there another way I can go about upgrading.

  • Sue

    I can’t reset my password, or shall I say that my password has still not come after an hour. Do you think it is due to so many iPhone and Android users downloading the update, or is it a problem with this latest update?