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iPhone app for silver prices

There are those of you looking for live silver prices today, and while there are many ways in which you can find these out, one of the easiest and most up-to-date ways has to be with an iPhone app for silver prices. There are plenty to choose from, so which is best?

Below we have a list four apps all of which do the same thing, although they do differ in terms of design and some of their key features.

First up we have Silver Price and while it has not been updated in a while, there are still live silver prices in India, the UK, US and other parts of the world. This app is simple, fast and free.

FideliTrade Gold and Silver Prices not only offers real-time silver and gold prices, but also platinum and palladium as well. However, this app goes a step further by offering the most up-to-date news on these precious metals, along with a look at the financial market.

Next up we have the Silver+ iPhone app, which offers silver price by ounce and by the gram, and also if you wish to see the prices of other precious metals, such as Gold, and Platinum, then there are dedicated apps for these.

Live silver prices today

The final app is called FREE Gold + Silver Tracker and updates the latest silver and gold prices every 30 seconds, so no need for a price chart. The prices are spot on because they are based on the world’s markets.

While we know there are plenty more apps on the app store offering live silver prices on your iPhone and iPad, we hope these represent some of the best for you.



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