GTA V 1.13 still within update pattern

By Daniel Chubb - May 1, 2014

Hearing rumors about the Grand Theft Auto V 1.13 update being delayed might shock some of Product Reviews readers when you consider it’s hard to delay what hasn’t been given a release date, although Rockstar did explain that the High Life DLC will be available to download before the end of spring. We even received a tip that the GTA V 1.13 update could launch before the end of April, but that didn’t happen and would of course be outside of the normal pattern.

One insider recently explained why this tipped launch might not have happened and touched on so-called “complications“, which resulted in the GTA V 1.13 update being set for May rather than April. The detailed blog post by Rockstar made some gamers get excited sooner, and this led to a desire for patches to arrive faster than seen so far in 2014.

GTA V 1.13 still within update pattern – it is worth noting that the next patch is still within normal release expectations, and puts everything into perspective when you look at the release dates for previous updates. Patch 1.08 went live on December 17/18, 1.09 on January 11, 1.10 on Feb 13th, 1.11 on March 4th, and finally 1.12 on April 8.

This reveals a clear pattern that would predict the GTA V 1.13 update to arrive within the next 2 weeks, and not last month like we hoped and other gamers desired. So, this would leave room for both GTA V 1.13 with High Life and 1.14 with Heists to release by the end of spring. You could see the next update launch in the next 10 to 15 days, and then GTA Online Heists up for download with 1.14 in the second half of June, which is within Rockstar’s spring deadline.


Would you be happy to see the GTA V 1.13 update release within the next 2 weeks, and then 1.14 with Heists by June 20th?

We have seen a number of Product Reviews readers state how they feel relaxed about the likely timeframe thanks to it fitting within their expectations. One PR reader stated, “I took a look at the past few patches and everything looks on time, I know some people wanted GTA 5 1.13 sooner but the update should release in early May if previous updates are anything to go by. I did notice earlier updates from last year coming quicker, but for the last 3-4 months there’s been around a one month gap between updates”.

The debate for High Life release date predictions can be seen in a number of online forums and this includes a lively discussion found on, which also revealed a number of fans very relaxed about the timing of this next patch and the upcoming DLC. We’d love to hear from our readers after looking at the previous dates for patches and extra content, so leave a comment if you feel everything is within the so-called “normal pattern”, or give reasons why you feel a little impatient.

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  • ethanwdp

    *no edit button, sorry*
    I also can’t wait for Watch Dogs, if it is the way I think it will be than it will be GTA V but with fun hacking mayhem and no gameplay elements ripped out for a separate and flawed online mode.

  • ethanwdp

    Really disappointed with singleplayer. The updates are all aimed at Online, sure they’re on singleplayer but they’re missing features. Online has a lot of features that singleplayer doesn’t, such as a tons of car garages with a ton of space and not cramped 4 car garages, nice apartments with even more car storage, interactions menu, more cars and jets available for purchase, cops actually recognize stolen cars, lester can erase your wanted level for a price, etc. At the moment GTA V is a pile of s***, with the whole selling point of the game, singleplayer, missing a lot of features that Online has without a good reason why.

    • i MRoD i

      Dude the apartments aren’t even THAT nice in online, in Single Player you have a house that you own… a freakin house. That’s more realistic than an
      apartment with 10 cars in the garage below LOL. You’re missing the main point here: People like to show off sh*t they bought online, it’s all about proving that you’re bigger and better than the next guy so therefore Rockstar will continuously create content aimed at Online because they know it’s bringing in New players who want to show off everything they own. What exactly is the point of having all these types of luxuries in single player if you cant even show them off to anyone. Once you beat singleplayer for the 3rd time and choose all the endings there’s no other reason to continue going back to it anymore…which is why we have GTA Online, an ever-expanding free roam with countless possibilities. Just watch, the moment a SP-DLC comes out it’ll be beaten in 5 hours and then it’s off to Online again.

  • Ghost240

    I don’t know about you guys but I am a little bit tired of
    gta 5, I can’t wait to play watchdogs.

    • Paul Garner

      That’s the way games are designed. To make you lose interest fast and then go buy other titles. It’s all about the $$$$. San andreas was a mistake, because it has too high replay value.

  • JC

    really disappointed in Rockstars performance. For a game so vast and with so many things to do. They should be pumping out updates bi-monthly (twice a month). They should have initially have had the heists out when the onine was released LAST OCTOBER. AND WHAT ABOUT THE ONLINE STOCK MARKET?!?!?!?!?! For a game that made over a billion dollars in the first week, they are slacking really badly. Wheres the money going to? Hookers?

  • GlitchMaster

    There are always going to be glitches with this game I mean come on have we seen a glimpse of a glitch free game so far??? Ya No…. I dont think Heists will ever come out and ya know what i dont care! I like the game the way it is! I mean its amazing how the graphics are and scenery simply amazing!!! Way to go Rockstar!!!

  • George Sameh

    the reason the update is not coming out is beacause they are trying to find a way to patch all glitches

  • James

    Biggest mistakes of ur freaking live rockstar u lost like 200mill in real life cash if u just rwaleased it 1 week ago idiots

    • Fred

      The more they make you wait the more you’re going to want it so when it does come out you’ll blow your whole load on shark cards and have a blast for ten minutes! LMAO!!! I just cant believe they made the most expensive card cost $100 Buckaroos lol Milk it rockstar Milk it!!! Money, Money, Money Baby!!!

  • Trey Mowet Dawkins

    Wow Rockstar has slacked with the online updates and progress of gta 5 online….. instead of coming out with new co-op missions or contact mission as they call it . You guys come out with more captures and deathmatch which like only 20 % of the online players play. Im not a modder but I see why they do it…. false promises and lacking in the activities that we need to keep interested in the game. Gta 4 has more online features than gta 5, jetpacks, new sports cars, and storing random cars is the reason why people play gta. Stop taking out the fun from gta because of the profit side, we the “customers” are the ones keeping you guys alive. Till the heist come out…. Gta 5 has become a boring repeat of mission and random deathmatchs / captures with hardly anyone playing them unless its a “2x rp” LOL and you people wonder theres sessions with people in tanks killing everyone lol . Gta 5 sits in the case until they decide to bring heist out, NOTHING but heist will bring back the fun / mojo into GTA 5. Peace

    • Johnny Quest

      Wow!!! I completely disagree with you there is no way gta 4 has more online features lol!!! Literally nothing to do except kill people on gta 4! You definitely have never played gta 4 before! GTA V is 100 times better hahaha!! You crack me up bro! Oh and nothing will bring your copy of gta v out of the box except heists??? Ya right I bet your playing it right now! Oh and the Heists that everyone wants u gotta know that when they come out with it your not going to be able to grind them like missions and make bank! You will probably only be able to do it once a day or something gay like that! Because the overall goal here is to make money and rockstar doesnt want you to play the game to make money they want from a completely buisiness stand point for you to buy the shark cards thats where they make their money back for the free dlc’s lol Just stop and think about it based on past situations!!!

      • Used and confused

        Man, remember when games were actually fun because companies didn’t have to sit and milk money out of their customers… If a fame was good, it sold and made money. I feel like things like DLC and the ability for companies to update their games has had some negative impacts, along with the good.

        • Paul Garner

          It’s all about the $$$$$

  • John

    Hey Guys just got an insider tip from my buddy that is one of the designers at Rockstar Games that the High Life Update will be coming out next Tuesday for the first week of May!!!!!

    • James

      U freaking liar imy gosh I wish someone would tell the truth just for once listen john what ever rumour u hear dont even give a crap cause its bull

  • Beta

    I have here’d it mite come out on the 6th of May


    MAN!! I just want the update to come out before mothers day. I guess it’s just under development so u gotta keep your sisters pan+ies on till the end a of june at least, you pepole must look at the bright side of things. There’s lots of game’s to play besides Gta5 online. For one of my games I Smoke bong till my head pop’s off my body.

  • Rockstar sucks

    When I bought this game in September ,I paid 150$ for the collectors edition under the pre tense that online heists would be available “soon after launch” their words,not mine !! It is now heading into 9 months without heists ,that is hardly “soon” . The game is still amazing but I do feel like they mislead their fans and as a result I won’t be buying any gta games at release again. And I definitely won’t ever buy a collectors edition from Rockstar again !!

    • John

      Hmm… You should probably have known that “Soon after launch” was a pretty ambiguous statement.

      • Matt ☁ ☁ ✈

        why is that? most things have a expectancy of use. Aside from MMOs which continue to update and add major content for several years after launch, online games *usually* have a use expectancy of being around 2 years before theres another title release or something better, often times due to a lack of streamlined new content. Consoles have a use expectancy of around 5-7 years before another console is released.(Ps4 released in 2013, Ps3 debut was at end of 2006 giving it a 6-7 year life cycle)
        So, for an industry where entire console platforms are replaced after 6 years and online portions of games becoming ghost towns after around 2 years, its not that “soon” for a developer to take almost literally a year to release a major component of an online game. Developers package information, details etc with a game with the sole purpose to entice sales and generate buzz. So when R* gave information of “heists soon after launch” it became a selling point of the game, as it was intended to. If they weren’t intending to boost the sales/buzz of GTAV by giving us information that “online heists would be soon after launch” then there really was no need to disclose that information to the public. R* saying “heists available 3/4ths of a year after launch” wouldn’t have sold the public as a major online facet of the game nor will it have many people hurrying to preorder, which is why they mislead us with “soon”.

        • I’ll F’n Kill You, Boy

          GTAO doesn’t have a “life expectancy of use.” Not sure if you heard
          this, but GTAO is forever. It will continue to be updated accordingly.
          More worlds will be added, starting with Liberty City, at a later date.
          GTAO was released in Autumn, Heists are coming this Spring. That
          means all it did was skip ONE season. That qualifies as “soon.” The
          GTAO that we’re all playing is not a 100% build. They haven’t even
          added animals yet, or marine life. Before it even came out, they
          clearly stated, “Please be patient while we continue to update GTAO to
          make it a great experience.” You fools are only paying attention to and
          reading whatever you WANT to read. You need to read and understand EVERYTHING.

        • soon

          Does that mean if your friends are going to meet you somewhere and they reply “soon”, it’s ok for them to arrive a season later?

        • Later

          Someone doesn’t know what relation means….

        • Matt ☁ ☁ ✈

          “Please be patient while we continue to update GTAO to
          make it a great experience.” doesn’t translate to “we intend to add animals, marine life other worlds” you took an awful lot of liberty in your interpretation of that.

          ‘You fools are only paying attention to and
          reading whatever you WANT to read’ <– actually I get my information ONLY from Rockstar and their Rockstar Newswire, no "inside sources" or rumors or other sources. Rockstar nor their newswire has ever said anything about animals online nor other cities/worlds that has all been player speculation. I haven't seen you cite a single credible source for your claims?

          "GTAO is forever" it cost money to maintain servers. Incase you haven't been informed servers for online portions of certain games for the last-gen have already been turned off in anticipation of player transition to next-gen. Servers cost fees to be maintained as they are a rented commodity, meaning the servers for GTA will only exist so long as there is enough of a populace online that keeping the servers on generates profit and doesnt start to cost the company rather than turn a profit

          Where has R* directly said anything about implementing animals or marine life online, i went through every Newswire post and guess what, nothing. in-game there are sharks thats about it. The reason there are limited wildlife now, cars being "slidey" or not generated and not as diverse as single player is due to THE LIMITS OF ONLINE SO AS NOT TO CRASH SERVERS, it has nothing to do with "future plans" to have giraffes dogs and animals everywhere they purposefully made it the way it is because its not stable with all of that present. Hence why in matches where traffic is turned on and so is raining weather it causes more bugs to occur as it makes the game more unstable, anyone with sense who has played a match is aware of that.

          Most games, and "MMOs" or "MMO-attempts" beside GTAO tend to offer great detailed information on future plans, regularly.

          Cite a source, for this information on "animals, other worlds/cities/countries"

          Aside from telling me to verify YOUR CLAIMS which have no substance as far as ROCKSTAR NEWS FROM THEIR WEBSITE WITHIN THE LAST 2 YEARS you have brought nothing to the table. You regurgitate the same "hopeful" desires without acknowledging THERE IS NO SOURCE FROM ROCKSTAR BACKING THESE CLAIMS. Meanwhile you tell me I ned to "read and understand everything" you gave no credible source to read besides your speculation/interpretation of a vague statement by R* to save their asses from upset gamers who got an unfinished game.

    • Nagada

      I’m going to need you to stop lying. Whenever GTA VI arrives, you’ll be paying x amount of money for the special edition of that game, too. Just quit with the b.s. boycott complaints that you’ll never follow through with. If all of the fans like you kept your word, GTA V wouldn’t have even sold 10 million copies by now, let alone break world records. Just stop it!

    • shatdafuqap

      Hey, attention whore!!!… No one cares(about you)..

  • Steve Jobs

    12 year olds should be banned. I am sick of getting spawn killed by groups of bloodthirsty children

    • Child Molestor

      I agree, and the parents should be taken into court for bad parenting!

      • A12y/oWhoWillKickYourGTAButt

        Be taken to court for letting their kids beat you in a game? Don’t complain about you being bad at a game. Besides the fact that the only way for R* to tell if you are really 12 is coming to your house, looking at your birth certificate, and watching you play, don’t cry about it. If you want to stop getting killed you have many options, first, you can get better at PvP in gta online, second, you can go to an invite only session, and third, if you wanna super seclude yourself from getting killed, there is always an offline option. I don’t know if we are playing viva pinata but we do not rank up and buy guns just to look pretty. SO STOP CRYING WHEN YOU HAVE A GAME WITH GUNS.

        • A12y/oWhoWillKickYourGTAButt

          No one cars if they keep getting cheap kills, a kill is a kill so don’t even use that as an ex use. the only way to cheat is to hack or glitch, other than that, no matter what you say, every kill is fair.

  • Steve Jobs

    I would like to see 1.13 come out by May10th and Heists come out by early June


      Before mothers day man

      • Ben Ravetta

        Mothers day been and gone son what you talking about

        • Matt ☁ ☁ ✈

          for the sake of your mom i’ll inform you, May 11th is Mothers Day…still 8 days till its been and gone

        • Ben Ravetta

          Oh we must live in different countries. I live in England ours was 30th March.

        • Matt ☁ ☁ ✈

          ha wow thats kind of cool, yea at least in U.S. its not until May 11th

        • Ben Ravetta

          My daughter was due on our Mothers day this year, so I was a little preoccupied and had to buy for two mothers 🙂 anyway she decided to show up 11 days later lol.

    • Matt ☁ ☁ ✈

      I would like to see it all included in 1.13 since we have seen people already using mission creator and a prototype of a heist including mission prompts (go hear, do this, hold off police) through DNS servers. Using things they found coded already within the game that they were then able to access through a DNS server. Which is one of the big reasons why R* was punishing users on DNS servers and didnt want people to play on them.

  • Oscar Fernandez

    So no release date ok then.

  • Killah

    WTF??? There is no “pattern” for a patch. You patch things up when problems arise. It’s also not so hard to figure out that they give updates around Holidays. The next Holiday coming up is Mother’s Day on the 11th of May. Lastly, how the hell can there be a “delay” for something that doesn’t have an announced release date??? The update will come when they feel like it, not when you think it’s gonna come and all of a sudden it doesn’t come, so you call it a delay, WTF? You don’t have anything to do with it, you’re just a gamer. You PLAY, they CREATE.

    • *Killer

      You re right about the the delay thing, but they do have patterns in which they release patches. It costs them more money than you will ever have just to make and send out an update/patch, so if they send out a patch as soon as a problem comes, they will lose money because new problems are promised to come as soon as they fix one. If you ever work for a company like R* while high in rank you will understand.

      • Pete

        I work for Ubisoft, and I’m afraid you’re wrong. There is no pattern for patches, we take information and do our due diligence to fix those problems as soon as we can. If we fill it’s a minor problem, we keep it under wraps until more or bigger problem persist, and then we release the patch. It doesn’t cost money to send out an update or patch at all, actually. It takes man hours to develop it, and then we send it over our servers after getting confirmation from Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo that the patch is capable of being sent out. This is the way all companies do it. Please, don’t speak on things that you don’t know of and act like you do. It makes our customer service seem bad when people don’t understand. Thank you.

        • Ben Ravetta

          No you don’t lol.

        • Oracle

          You know him?

  • slikk50

    I’ve never heard so many people whine about a game you don’t have to spend money on…Everybodys doing micro transactions these days and I’m sure Take 2 had a lot more to do with that than R* did…

  • rakimali

    Well by time they release it WATCH DOGS will be out n I think I wont be on gta nomore… sorry to say

    • D Town Donny

      You are correct! Shame on you Rockstar. The biggest company out and they are unable to protect there material. I think they need us to pay them another $3 billion to keep them going. Thank you Rockstar for not being able to follow through. Now “watch” Watchdogs take all your players.

      • dirtymikeandtheboyz

        Too bad watchdogs is from the same fuckfaces

        • John

          No Take-two only publishes for Rocktstar. Ubisoft Montreal developed watchdogs and Ubisoft will also publish it.

        • Tooty Booty

          I like Ubisoft AC 3 was a bit buggy but black flag was amazing with little bugs or glitches played straight through 100% went on line 100% …..R* and gta well I don’t even need to say it lol GTA V should be out next year

  • LLCoolNice

    No one’s relaxed. We just don’t have any choice. I’m not dissing R* but they do intentionally post things that are (to say the least) misleading just to get our mouths watering. And they never themselves clear the confusion (which is why we look to this site for any info). And the thing that pisses me off the most in, when did R* get permission from mother nature to make June a part of spring?

    • TonyStark

      Beginning of summer is June 20th, so spring continues well into June.

    • Stel Fury Persse

      Rock* didn’t decide June was a part of spring the summer solstice decides when spring ends and summer begins, has done for a long time

      • nanuperez

        No see your wrong chuck norris now decides when eaxh season changes

  • firebythewater

    Again…….STOP selling Shark Cards……START selling the dlc…..

    • firebythewater

      This is the ONLY game I’ve personally played that the dlc was free…

      • GTA Insider

        Its not free DLC… This content was supposed to be in the game burnt on your disc in the 1st place.

        • exinthevatican

          See, look at it this way: If GTA V shipped with all the freakin’ DLC (even future ones) on its retail disc, you guys will be bitching that the content is getting boring and demand more. And yeah, this is the only game I played that offers free DLC. Unlike Capcom in which you have to buy Disk Locked Content (DLC), content that is on the disk, but requires you to buy it on PSN/XBLIVE. Be grateful that Rockstar is trying to keep this game fresh with monthly updates and free DLC.

        • Anonymous

          DLC means DownLoadable Content ….

        • Anonymus2

          You are correct, there is a reason it is called DLC. If all DLC was on the disk then people could easly hack and take the dlc for free. basic info on the DLC is on the disk, usually, but never all the info.

      • Steve Jobs

        same. CoD dlc costs about $20. and there is at least four per game

  • sheen

    Be patient, I’m almost certain it will come out! My prediction……. May 2015

  • MissWhite81

    I’m impatient because GTA is getting boring with out new things to do or new things to buy..

  • I no longer care. Online is a boring grind because it’s designed around selling shark cards and not designed like past R* games to entertain us.

    • Spa8es

      Agreed, GTA online is the biggest farce and most unpleasant gaming experience Ive ever had, sure its fun with friends but everything is conpletely unbalanced or downright stupid (passive mode for example) and Im tired of waiting. I think R*s GTA online trailer didnt help itself, saying you can do all this cool stuff and it turns out to be a buggy mess. I cant help but think back to GTA IVs online and how much fun that was.
      Im also getting way more excited for Watch Dogs than I ever did for GTA so I cant wait for that! Honestly if you asked me when GTA V first came out I would have never thought that I might get Watch Dogs before heists.

      • LLCoolNice

        Damn good point bro. I bought the Xbox ONE and I’ll probably get another broken version of gta 5 for it with no heists still. That’s bs. How can they talk about next gen and they haven’t finished gta 5 for the current gen

    • John

      Dude I’ve seen you post on more GTA V news articles than anyone else saying the same EXACT THING. You care, you just like to have your cake and eat it too.

    • AussieDog90

      It certainly has its issues, but in what way was it specficially designed around shark cards over entertainment? I am playing on an Australian account but with a copy of the game bought online from America, so guess what I can’t purchase shark cards because Australian PSN content does not work with American disks. I still have plenty of in game cash, with alot of high end cars and a ten car garage. Just because you are not willing to put in the time to build up your cash to buy what you want doesn’t mean that the game wasn’t designed for it. Cash cards were released to help lazy players as much as they were released to make money and to be honest, I really think it would be incredibly boring to use real world cash to purchase things in game, really whats the point in playing if I get what I want without working for it? Online multiplayer as a rule is boring without friends even in other games, but with friends GTA is just as entertaining as other games and more entertaining that some. And offline mode is one of the best in the GTA series, so get over yourself mate.

      • You know not what you speak of. I’m up over level 300 now, and that’s a legit number. I also got all achievements that can be had in Online, as well as all but two of the awards. I got 100% completion in single player a long time ago, but still have two achievements to go. So, do not assume that I don’t know how to play because I obviously do.

        As for money, I’ve never bought a shark card and I never will. Yet I have over $200 Million because I took advantage of various money glitches along the way. Many of those glitches still work if you care to do a little research to find them. I don’t use these glitches any more because I figure I’ve got enough money to last the life of GTA Online.

        Have a good one, mate.

  • RenegadeGamer-0420

    Considering that Watch Dogs will be out on the 27th of may, I think it would be a tactical choice to set the release of 1.13 and the online heists around that time or a little earlier…

    • Most of will be over playing Watch Dogs on the 27th no matter what R* does.

    • John

      Rockstar does have a history of stealing thunder from other games.

  • Nathaniel Blasi

    I never really got into the v1.13 release hype. I tend to scan Rockstar’s Newswire for updates since they would be the only reliable source to say when the next update will be available. And they did tell everyone when major updates, like the Business Update, would drop. The fact that they told us it was in the works without a date yet just gave me a reason to go in and earn more gta cash now instead of waiting for the “I this day” announcement. Besides everything else is rumour and speculation.

  • Lewis

    After looking at the dates you mentioned above I feel a lot more relaxed, I don’t know why I got caught up in the delay thing when really there is no delay. I am betting GTA 5 1.13 arrives in the next week. This gives a lot of time until the end of spring for 1.14 and Heists, I know a lot of us want it sooner but give it time and you will be happy with the result.

    • kallum joseph

      tru dat