Ferrari LaFerrari Top Gear review, not the episode

The Ferrari LaFerrari Top Gear review is finally here, although it isn’t the episode from the TV series that we have all been waiting for. That will come at a later date, so for now we have to go on the publication version, which some of it has been put on the Top Gear website.

These first round of reviews are very interesting, although they are all very similar in the way they tested the Ferrari LaFerrari. It is for this reason why we cannot wait to see how the new Ferrari compares to the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Having said that, the showdown of most interest would be a Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Bughatti Veyron, but not certain if and when that will happen.

Looking over the Top Gear review, it doesn’t seem as good as the one from Autocar, as this went into more depth, along with an extensive video to go with it. However, I would love to see what Tiff and Plato think on Fifth Gear.

Ferrari LaFerrari Top Gear review

Top Gear’s review of the Ferrari LaFerrari is pretty much as you would expect from a publication version, as it consist of a series of questions and answers. We get to learn how the Hypercar works, how fast it is, whether it is scary to drive, how well the hybrid system works, what it is like on the track and how good the car is overall.

The answers are pretty much what we expected seeing as though Ferrari has been working on this for years, and on paper it would seem to be the best of the three because it has the most power, and the most efficient Hybrid system.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is certainly a thing of beauty, and so I hope no one wrecks one of these and then gets sold to the Gas Monkey Garage because while I love the show, what they did to that Ferrari F1 was sacrilege.



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