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Weather Channel app for iPad misses overhaul

With so many weather apps to choose from, it is often a tough task finding the best, but with the Weather Channel app already installed on several of our devices, we do find this to be one of the best on the App Store. Even though the app was already good, a new update has made it even better, although not for the iPad version.

The Weather Channel version 6.0 overhaul for iPhone went live several days ago, and now has an iOS 7 design, as well as being more social because you can now share your weather, which will then be used to try and make weather more accurate for areas that the app has struggled with.

Some of the other Weather Channel app updates that help to make it even better include faster than ever radar maps, and improved navigation, such as being able to swipe left or right to browse saved locations.

The app icon has also changed, which seems to have only been done to inform you that it is all change for the app.

What we find strange is how the iPad version of the Weather Channel app hasn’t been updated since March. This means that it does not take advantage of the iOS 7 inspired design and all those new features, but why is this?

We have seen in the past that updates for the iPad version are usually slower, maybe because the iPhone version of this app is more popular, and so it is better to test new updates on Apple smartphones before being rolled out to iPad users?

How would you improve the Weather Channel app for iPad?



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