Pokemon X and Y Shiny Mew sold for cash

By Alan Ng - Apr 30, 2014

How have you been getting on with the never ending Pokemon X and Y shiny Pokedex? By now, most of you have probably managed to breed your favorite shiny Pokemon into X and Y, but we have seen some surprising lengths that others will go to in order to complete their collection.

By this, we mean paying actual money to get their hands on some of the more luxurious and rare Shiny Pokemon in X and Y. This week, we have discovered that one Ebay seller is happily selling a level 100 Shiny Mew for £4.00 – or around $7.

Some of you may be thinking that this is ridiculous to even consider paying for any Pokemon with real money, while some hardcore collectors may see this as an offer they can’t refuse and an ideal way to spend their pocket change.

Either way, we can also tell you that this seller is making some serious cash from selling Shiny Pokemon. Take a look at the list of Pokemon fanatics who have already paid their money to get a level 100 Shiny Mew.

Pokemon for cash!

Pokemon for cash!

It’s worth pointing out that the price does include a Shiny Genesect and an Arceus as well – both level 100. The seller promises that the Pokemon will be delivered to buyers within 24 hours of the payment received, obviously with the user having to share their Friend Code details for the transfer to begin.

Sounds like a lucrative business to get in to if you have vast amounts of Shiny Pokemon that you don’t need. We thought that users wouldn’t be willing to spend real money just for Shinys, but as you can see from the purchase list above, we stand corrected.

Have you ever bought a Shiny Pokemon from Ebay for Pokemon X and Y, or have been tempted to set up business yourself?

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  • Gohanssj_9

    LOL, didn’t they know that shiny mew is shiny locked XD They paid for a hacked mew they can gen easily themselves. I have a legit level 5 event mew in a cherish ball.

  • pokehelper

    I filled up my dex with out cheating, hacks I give away pokeMon for free eBay I don’t need ur offers

  • invaderyoyo

    This is just sick.

    • Christian Lopez

      Supply and demand . I think it pretty funny