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Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet specs live

If you have become a fan of Lenovo tablets in 2014, we have some news for you which we think you are going to be very interested in. The Lenovo ThinkPad 8 is on the market, but details have slipped out confirming that there will soon be a Lenovo ThinkPad 10 as well.

Heading to Lenovo’s website right now will show the company listing a ThinkPad 8 tablet only, priced at $549 and listed as coming soon. However, we can tell you that thanks to an accident by the Lenovo Australian store, a 10-inch model of the same tablet has been revealed early and is coming soon.

Lenovo has quickly realized the error that had been made, but not before the crucial details such as Lenovo ThinkPad 8 specs were recorded by eagle-eyed fans.

They include a 1920 x 1200 display, 4GB of RAM, a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor, 128GB of internal storage and an 8MP rear camera with a 2MP 720p front-facing camera.

What would you do with a 10-incher?
What would you do with a 10-incher?

You’ll also be pleased to hear that this upcoming tablet will ship straight with Windows 8.1 out of the box so there’s no need to upgrade.

Most of the specs are in line with the 8-inch ThinkPad which we expected, but it’s nice to see an upgraded processor and RAM included with the 10-inch which is the key highlight here.

We have a feeling that it won’t be long before an announcement is made. Let us know if you are a fan of Lenovo products now and if you are tempted to get one when it is unveiled officially.



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