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Hearthstone iPad spectator mode priority

Hearthstone continues to grow in popularity, particularly with those who are loving the Hearthstone iPad app. This week, we bring a reminder of one potentially massive feature that could be coming to the portable version.

If you have been playing the iPad version religiously since launch, you may have been crying out for a Hearthstone spectator mode to arrive for the game. Such a feature has actually been a massive request from the community, allowing users to join games and simply watch others play, picking up valuable Hearthstone tips in the process.

The good news, is that Blizzard has been listening to the feedback. Blizzard’s Jason Chayes is the production director for Hearthstone and he has given an update on the status of spectator mode for the card game.

You may have heard that a spectator mode was coming after launch, but now we bring confirmation that news on this mode will be coming in a matter of weeks. Here’s the confirmation on this below:

“We do think we have a bunch of unique ideas on how we can integrate a spectator mode into the game. It is actually something we’re right now literally in the middle of designing and we’re looking at having some more information to share on that in the coming weeks as well.”

If this is something that you have been waiting to see since playing the game in beta format, we have a feeling that you are going to enjoy spectator mode once it is finally ready to release.

Hopefully Blizzard will have some gameplay for us to enjoy soon. Let us know how you are getting on with Hearthstone at the moment and if you agree that a spectator mode would be fantastic.



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