GTA V DLC weapons still craved

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 29, 2014

There is still a lot of Grand Theft Auto V weapons craved by fans through DLC and some people would gladly pay for the most desired items, although in fairness some things missing should have been in the game from launch. This leads us to take a look at GTA V DLC for weapons that Product Reviews readers would still like to see in a future update, and of course a number of items we really want in both online and single player.

The image above landed on a number of social networks a while back and gave a taste of what gamers wanted back then, although there’s a desire to see Rockstar release GTA V DLC with some of these weapons still. The jetpack is certainly one of the most wanted items and recent rumors revealed this will arrive soon, if new code found inside a recent patch is correct, but we also love the idea of a crossbow with sight, chainsaw, and a flamethrower.

Some gamers feel these weapons needed to be there from the start and were surprised to not even have an option to hunt them down in secret locations.

New weapons given through GTA V DLC – it is clear the game has a lot of weapons already, as seen with this page listing them, but gamers want a lot more for such a large open world game. The High Life update is bringing more guns and this includes the Bullpup Rifle, not to mention the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine in the Business Update. So, you can see Rockstar want to give gamers more weapons through GTA V DLC, but what’s missing that could be added to future updates?

We’ve already looked at the larger undisclosed GTA V DLC gamers want to see and feedback on that article revealed a few fans feel, “a large amount of vehicles and weapons were cut from the final game”. If this content comes through free downloadable content, then surely that’s a good thing? If we do finally see some sort of paid alien expansion, then this GTA V DLC could bring alien weapons as well.


GTA V DLC weapons still desired – last year we looked at the submarine in GTA V and underwater weapons that would be cool, now many months on we still see a lot of untapped possibilities for using weapons in water and other transport that many fans would welcome. Thanks to the dedication people have for Grand Theft Auto and long life this game has, players spend many hours within the open world and want fresh content to keep it interesting online and offline.


Some future GTA V DLC weapons desired by gamers already include remote control air drone explosives, tranquilliser darts, smoke grenades, claymores, Japanese swords, stinger missiles to shoot down helicopters, and a paintball gun.

What GTA V weapons do you crave through DLC? Is there any you would be glad to pay for, or do you feel all your requests should be free?

Personally, we feel that Rockstar will deliver on many of these requests if there’s enough interest although some items might be left out thanks to gamers expecting things like dismemberment, which is unlikely to happen for this game even with its age range.

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  • DeadArashi

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a ‘Military’ or ‘Street Racer’ themed DLC. new clothes, vehicles/mods. things like bulletproof windows/ camo style paint, underglow, more body kits. weapon wise all the mentioned about would be great, would love to run around with a katana or a flamethrower.

    • Jimothy

      Bulletproof windows would be horrible online. There’s so many idiots driving around throwing sticky bombs at anything that moves. It would be impossible to defend yourself without having to blow up their car and pay for their replacement.

      • Tyler

        If the windows were bullet proof nothing would be able to get in or out. So drive-bys in those vehicles would be impossible. It would have to be a convertible/roofless type car, which would allow the occupant to get head taken off.

  • Tom

    Tec 9 like columbine

    • Kevin Sutton

      that’s not funny dude

      • ilovehandles

        It’s Tyler, The Creator lyric, dude.

        • Kevin Sutton


  • Samcro VP

    Rockstar have a month less than that for me. I’m getting WATCH DOGS on May 27th. Since I now possess 100% completion and all of the GTA V/GTA Online Trophies. If Heists havent arrived by then I’ll abandon GTA V & GTA Online. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that.

    If Rockstar are so worried about glitchers and cheaters why not wait until they’ve released all the DLC out then fix every glitch without keeping people waiting

    • Derek

      Get ready to move on then. Heists will not come out before June, book it…

  • Ricky

    Love the idea of stinger missiles to takeout helicopters, please add this to a future update Rockstar.

    • Joe

      Yeah the in game military have them, why not us?. Honestly, fly a heli low over it and aim your camera to look at the ground, you will see the missiles coming from ground at and follow you, they also lock onto you if you’re parachuting which is daft.

      • DeadArashi

        can we also get javelin missiles to lock onto and desrtroy tanks? since every 12 yr old now owns one I want to actually be able to defend myself properly.