GTA V High Life status from insider

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

We know that most of you are patiently waiting for Rockstar to deliver on the seemingly delayed GTA V High Life update, as well as the GTA V 1.13 update release date. We have been keeping you up to date on the situation as best we can, but now it looks like one insider claims to know when the update will actually arrive.

As most of you are aware, the High Life update was expected to release last week, but it didn’t. Rockstar has remained silent on why it hasn’t arrived yet, with many GTA V players predicting that it could be due to those who are playing the game in a negative way.

Now, an apparent insider has entered the scene with what he claims is the reason why GTA V 1.13 or the High Life update isn’t out yet. According to him, this is what is happening with the game at the moment:

“They were going to release it last week, but there were complications. You could get everything for free in creator mode and it was a big glitch. Rockstar has shifted all priorities to get it fixed before they release the High Life update.”

Now, on top of that, the insider has also stated that the updates will now arrive between May 1 and May 10 – remember that the High Life update and GTA V 1.13 could be the same update rather than two separate updates.

Obviously, we need more information on this before we can really treat it as fact but it is the best we have at the moment with Rockstar saying nothing at all.

If this is true, how do you feel hearing that Rockstar are prioritizing fixing the glitch first before rolling out the next update for the game? Is this actually the best move that Rockstar could have made rather than release the update with the glitches still there?

Let us know if you have experienced the creator glitch that the insider is talking about. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more information on this soon.

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  • Ronal Gonzalez

    i think RockStart have to put up the prices on the car that you stole in the streets because i they are going to take out the all the glicth then we never going to be able to have at least $1 000 000 and we are going to be able too buy the new cars in the new update so they have to put up those prices for the cars and also for every single mission put up the money that they give you in the mission and the RP please do that

  • uk317

    any 1 got it?

  • your mum

    we got 20 mill in half an hour biatchhh!!!!!!

  • matt

    The game is being killed because of this update. Everyone wants the heists and high life to come out asap. BUT we all know from waiting and from previous experience everything is going to be expensive so everyone is doing the same mission over and over again; Rooftop Rumble. Fair enough we need to make money quick and its as a result of rockstar reducing the payouts of all missions in previous patches, but the game is now dying. Im seeing more and more irate and bored players who no longer want to play because they have everything already or they can’t be bothered to redo the same mission again and again for the sake of an update we have no new release date info on. As for rockstar fixing the glitch first, good on them! Its needed to ensure everyone enjoys it. Rockstar seriously need to talk to us and just let us know when this update is coming out because GTA is starting to lose a lot of interest

    • Possible Allies

      Couldn’t say it better myself man!

      • matt

        thanks man, if only rockstar listened!

  • lee

    Ever though of doing rooftop rumble Abe? I made 800k in about 4 hours, that’s easy money, $18750 plus 3750 rp for five minutes work, stop winging and actually work for the money, by time the update hits I should have around 3Mil for a hour odd a night on the game

    • lee


    • Mark Cedeno

      I can do rooftoprumble in 2 mins & 40 seconds and I have 13.5 mill just from doing that

  • Abe Khaloufah

    I’m tired of the promises, seriously tired of the waiting… honestly I see people getting excited about the garages the mansions and the cars but honestlyI everything is going to be way overpriced and when this high life update comes out with the heist. …… whenever they actually decide to release it how many more glitches are there gonna be…the only way to get REAL money is I hate to say it but it is the glitches..I just hope these heist mission actually pay out..hell they’ve made us wait this the players a favor and make it WORTH IT!!

  • Hootie

    Anyone else think the Survivals and a few other types of missions should pay out based on participation? I don’t like being in a survival with a bunch of low level people who die every wave but still get 20 grand when we pass it as a group

    • Mark Cedeno

      That happens to me allot .. I agree with you .. Sometimes I finish it by myself n in the end they still get 20 grand .. But I really want a survival creator .

  • July Johnson

    heists,heists,heists is all i hear about. will there be big disappointments when the much hyped heists are released? i love gta 5 off and online and i want substantial dlc for both asap and not just a few new outfits and a couple of new cars.
    right now there are few new games and would be a good time for a big story mode dlc like gta 4 had with tbogt and tlad. online needs way more than a couple of heists,new hats,and another expensive super car, but rockstar not opening up the casino for free roam and a heist would be an epic failure.

  • TheDramticOne

    The real problem here is the fact that RockStar dosen’t give an exact release date leaving players to presume that it’ll update before it’s actual time. Don’t sit there an run your mouth about how’d you love to see people do what RockStar did RockStar has pissed off fans with no one to blame but themselves and hackers. Patience is no longer virtue when you make people wait a whole 8 months to release something that they promised when the damn game came out.

    • Bigjoe275

      Amen brother

      • M

        Only niggas need down payments for video games lmao

  • Cody

    I would love to see any of you do what rockstar has done. The dlc they release is free. They could’ve charged for every single one. So please quit your crying. No one cares if you dump the game. Seriously. It gets rid of the whiny kids for those of us who love this game.

    • Bigjoe275

      Your mom must work for rockstar huh. Well I fell sorry for her. That she has to go through all this mess that they created.

    • lonny420

      Agreed – if they don’t like the game, go play something else. Go away cry babies and whiners. There are too many people that have never played GTA before Five was released, and those are the ones the cry the most. If you dont like it shut up, sell your copy, and go away.

      • Bigjoe275

        Your dad must work for rockstar huh I fell bad for him that he still works there. He’ll probably start crying when the heist are a complete flop and he gets laid off

        • lonny420

          I love when people show how stupid they really are.

        • Bigjoe275

          You like that huh I must have pinched a nerve

        • lonny420

          Not really

    • July Johnson

      @ Cody, well said. the dlc is free . also the controversial shark cards are, imo,preferred to micro transactions. then there is also the in game currency that negates the need for real money. i do agree with those that complain of the low pay for missions. some missions pay should be doubled,armored cars pay 20k,and survivals 30-40k.
      a lot of rants but most love gta and just can’t wait for more,more,more.

    • July Johnson

      @ Cody, well said. the dlc is free . also the controversial shark cards are, imo,preferred to micro transactions. then there is also the in game currency that negates the need for real money. i do agree with those that complain of the low pay for missions. some missions pay should be doubled,armored cars pay 20k,and survivals 30-40k.
      a lot of rants but most love gta and just can’t wait for more,more,more.

    • Nicole Crook

      Right i still like the game and ima stick wit it and be patient cause i really do believe that they gone have some really great updates for gta five so im holding on to mines

    • tl

      Lol… we beta tested the game for them… they owe us now.

    • Rivers

      Damn straight.

  • firebythewater

    Rockstar needs to dump the SharkCards and start charging for the dlc. And add the digital content from the collectors edition to the playstation store for say 50 bucks. That’s how they can get more cash from my pocket…..

  • tim

    Ppl get so mad over video games

  • ohhhhyeahhh

    Already bored of this update and its not out yet

    • tim


  • Carlos Padeiro

    Omg…no one from rockstar ever announced that the update was coming last week…it was other players that was guessing on when the update will be coming out. And all these websites are just repeating rumors making it seem its the real thing…SMH

    Everyone rockstar has been giving major updates/dlc once a month. April was the capture creator. And if Rockstar continues on following their pattern sometime in May high life will come out(I dont think heist will be included in this update). Rockstar will announce when the update will come out on newswire a few days before releasing it. If its not on newswire then its not true.

    • James Revenall

      Capture creator was not a dlc!!! Jesus how can you call it that it was mainly a patch to fix 87 exploits or problems. Not everybody enjoys capture mode, I actually cant stand it

  • uk317

    is it right that the update is out on Xbox?

  • Jdog

    They don’t get it. NONE of these kids would be bothering with glitches if the rp & cash payout from missions wasn’t so pathetic. This needs to be addressed.

    • Derek

      You don’t really believe that do you?

    • John

      no you don’t get it. it’s not supposed to be that easy to gain money and rp. you think its bad now…. it was much worse in the beginning. No one was high enough really to the higher paying missions like rooftop rumble. if you were a lower level you really had to grind to get anything nice. at least now basically anyone can do the high level missions with other people. get like 19000 grand from 1 rooftop rumble now.

      • Derek

        I remember walking up hill both ways in the snow.

      • Daniel Larusso

        you’re wrong, completely. It was easier in the beginning. I leveled up from 0-120 in about 5 weeks playing moderately. Jobs/races paid more, and you could select replay to do it again. Races in fact gave out tons of RP and leveling up was fast. I’m tired of these fascist “legit” players who have this holier than you mentality. I have a family, and I have no time to grind away at stupid repeated missions. It seems I would have a better chance at winning the lottery than selecting quick jobs>contact missions and not being sent to rooftop rumble (it’s not even on a roof…)
        for sake of argument lets say these are the facts, rooftop rumble gives you 19k cash 4200 rp in five minutes, and lets say you need a million dollars. How long would that take with no load screens, no fails, no ammo bought, and your able to just do one right after another… 4 hours. 4 hours of just doing rooftop rumble on repeat. With load time counted in you could easily double the time.
        It’s easy for an adult to see that this is a waste of time and a ploy to get more money. The fastest thing in history to make a billion dollars wants more money… Rockstar is the one glitching/cheating. How fun and fair would this game be if everyone had access to it all? I think it’d be a lot better than it is now.

        • jack

          You know u can just press start. Move to to online then Jobs>Host Job>Rock star Created>Rooftop rumble

        • Daniel Larusso

          of course I do, you do know you have to join the mission and then wait for others to join as the host sees fit, then you have wait for it to load… and again at the end there’s more waiting…and honestly 99% of the time you can just push up>quick job>contact mission and land on rooftop rumble.

        • Zac Curtis


      • Zac Curtis

        I hear you I had to earn that $25 000 garage then I collaborated with my friends and bought a $110,000 apt. after that had to grind to get my $200,000 condo,then my entity by then I was ready to grind to get my
        $1 500 000 tank. Then I got fed up and bored and the glitching
        fun happened! It was good times but I am glad I had gotten these things without cheating. Not to mention racing to level 100 with my friends and halting at 120

    • Bigjoe275

      Thank you while rockstar was trying to make the online difficult to gain money. There preaching that it’s wrong to cheat money glitches. Here’s a hint rockstar and those who are defending this game tell your family members who work for rockstar that it’s tooooooooooooooooo late watchdogs will be out next month and after watching the gameplay trailer. I’ll be to busy playing that then worry about update this update that heist will be out in spring. Don’t care rockstar missed there golden opportunity

  • none

    Funny thing is, creator is back online as of a few days ago and a hot patch fixed the money glitch ant the ‘get everything free’ glitch

  • insider

    5.6 6.3. 7.1. 8.5. Then gta5 for nextgen councils on 9.2. If these look like theyre guesses for upcoming release dates, youre right, just guesses

  • uk317

    Anyone in the UK got the update yet?

    • Danny MacFarlane

      Nope nothing so far, gutted. I’m trading it in on Friday I’m fed up with waiting now.

      • uk317

        My sons gona be gutted when he gets in, hes been waiting since last Tuesday 🙁

  • Daren John Scallan

    i look at it like this it will come when there ready BUT PEOPLE are just going to buy another online game and dump gta v

    • terry

      They will release it when they are ready. People need to learn to be patient. They have been giving a fair amount of content since launch for FREE. And still people complain. You see heaps of threads as soon as an update is live about people saying “when will the next update be”.

      And seriously, I don’t think rockstar are concerned with people dumping GTA because of lack of DLC. Those people would dump it anyway. The people who care about the DLC are the people who would keep playing regardless, until they are just done with the game as a whole, DLC or not.

      • Bigjoe275

        Guy the only reason people bought this game. HEIST. Waiting 8 months for heist is not acceptable. Traded my copy last month and couldn’t be happier. Because watchdogs looks great after watching the gameplay trailer

        • slater

          Heists are not the only reason people bought this
          game some people like me are old enough to have played/owned every gta because they are all great sandbox games, watchdogs is not even in the same league. Might be next gen graphics but it has no longevity. Plus i havent seen a controllable tank or heli in watchdogs or garage to store your owned cars? They are different types of game and uncomparable. The only good thing is crybaby whiners like yourself wont be playing gta anymore.

        • Bigjoe275

          If that was the case granftheftauto 4 would have sold 35 million red dead redemption was well. So heist were the ONLY reason for the majority who bought the game. Grandtheftauto 5 was a master piece rockstar had to f#$k it up by deliberately lowering the replay mission then cry why there are cheaters. Rockstar can’t convince me or others that crap cards are the thing to keep GTO going. Sorry but that doesn’t work for me. There are other ways that they could have done it. This ain’t clash of clans this isn’t free to play. I bought the game so crap cards don’t work and will not work if people have to buy the game. And watch dogs not in the same league sorry there both sandbox games. So they are but I guess we both win I’ll be playing watchdogs and you can let rockstar finger your privates while buying into the crap card scheme

  • abettersource

    That video is a joke. The voltic is NOT the only electric car in the game, just like he doesnt have a source and doesnt have a clue.. sound like he enjoys hearing his own voice. Tired of all those pathetic youtube gta5 channels with children guessing and claiming they have a “insider”

    • Daren John Scallan

      i bet they never even play gtav pmsl

  • gabby

    Your “insider” seems to be another outsider looking in.

  • unknown

    It wasnt delayed due to exploits as there was no release date to begin with. Heists have been delayed since the release of the game LAST YEAR. Heists were removed from online due to online crashing on its launch date… heists have now been promissed to the players twice.. last spring, and this spring.

    • tuesday

      Lmao I can keep guessing tuesdays by looking thru the calender also

    • Joe

      This is the first “spring” since the games launch end of last year. Quit talking garbage.

      • JenH

        Lol game was to be released in spring last year and was pushed back, get your facts straight

      • JenH

        Its original launch date was set for last spring, youre just as pathetic as rockstar joe

        • Bigjoe275

          JenH don’t be upset with him his uncle works for rockstar. So he’s just upset that were being honest

      • FUCKYOU

        Ya dummy!!

  • unknown

    Just another kid pretending he knows the date… havnt u idiots learned

  • Danny MacFarlane

    It’s rumoured that gta is coming out on next gen consoles in June July I think that’s what they are getting on to compete with WD. But this dlc is taking the mic now people are cheating because they are bored and need new things too do, I don’t agree with the cheaters but I can’t really blame them either.
    I’ve never cheated and I have played constantly from release day but yet I am one of the unlucky ones to be effected by R* holding the dlc back.

  • Kev f Pee

    Rockstar are just keeping it back until just before watch dogs comes out so people play gta instead of watch dogs but that wont happen people will buy WD it if they want it its not gonna change a thing apart from people getting bored of GTA right now with r* promising heists for April but not delivering! What a f**king joke… a mean a few cars and well over hyped heists isnt gonna stop people buying WD. Just give us our god damn update ! Feels like its been dragging on for AGESSSSSSS

    • Derek

      Where and when did they say April?

    • noah

      they said in the spring, which is until june 21

  • lewid

    oh yeah and i downloaded the game for free and all the dlc like collectors edition. i love owning a CFW Ps3!

  • Tyler Sesnon

    It’s sad but rockstar made a good call. I’m pissed at people who try to exploit the game, especially as the owner of a collectors edition of the game and someone who also has happily spent $40 buying in game currency I make it a priority to report anyone I see trying to exploit the game now. If people would stop this I’m sure we would see so much more awesome content!

    • Danny MacFarlane

      Well said, agree with this totally

      • disdiiiiik

        Dis diiiiiick

        • pedro14lol

          meow meow meow meow meow meow meow small

    • Ednax Torrentz

      This Is Stupid, People Dumb Enough To Waste Their Money On A Game’s Currency, That’s Just Wrong, Specially With Those ‘High’ Prices.

      • terry

        How does it make them dumb? Some people don’t have time to grind for hours each day to earn stacks of GTA money because, you know, they have a proper job and actually have things to do in life. Does that mean they shouldn’t have a means to enjoy some of the finer things in Los Santos?

        The answer is debatable, but regardless it certainly doesn’t make them dumb.

        Oh, and capitalising the first letter of each word doesn’t make your point right.

        • vic-o

          So if someone doesn’t have enough time to play does it make it alright to exploit the game? It makes no difference to other players in the game how someone gets free money. It just affects rockstar who now seem really concerned about profits than making an enjoyable game. The whole point of basing this game around earning money is to encourage us to buy their cash packs. I don’t use exploits but I can’t completely blame those who do

        • Derek

          I’ll be the first to admit when someone gifted me billions I spent like there was no tomorrow. However, I do think the overall game play in open lobbies is far better since they took it away.

        • you_funny

          I spent 20$ then 50$ then 20$ again. Money in gta went away in a week. Im going to be honest because idc what you apply n say. I wont be back on this webpage. I use money glitch because spending 100$ real cash isnt worth it. I have a friend that has done 700+ rooftop rumbles and has 13+.million dollars……yes my friend is insane. Level 239 or something idk I lost count. But it took weeks. Give me 10minutes n I got me 2million $ I hate doing it but im not paying real cash, sorry but they need to give ways to make better cash then 18,000

        • Derek

          Yes It Does! HaHa

    • vic-o

      What’s the difference between exploiting the game to get im game cash without having to work for it and just buying the cash with rwal money? I think both have negative effects on the in game economy

    • Bigjoe275

      Your the kind that takes scraps from rockstar well yes its wrong for hackers cheating the game. But it’s even worse that rockstar exploited the game first by messing with the money payouts