GTA V High Life status from insider

We know that most of you are patiently waiting for Rockstar to deliver on the seemingly delayed GTA V High Life update, as well as the GTA V 1.13 update release date. We have been keeping you up to date on the situation as best we can, but now it looks like one insider claims to know when the update will actually arrive.

As most of you are aware, the High Life update was expected to release last week, but it didn’t. Rockstar has remained silent on why it hasn’t arrived yet, with many GTA V players predicting that it could be due to those who are playing the game in a negative way.

Now, an apparent insider has entered the scene with what he claims is the reason why GTA V 1.13 or the High Life update isn’t out yet. According to him, this is what is happening with the game at the moment:

“They were going to release it last week, but there were complications. You could get everything for free in creator mode and it was a big glitch. Rockstar has shifted all priorities to get it fixed before they release the High Life update.”

Now, on top of that, the insider has also stated that the updates will now arrive between May 1 and May 10 – remember that the High Life update and GTA V 1.13 could be the same update rather than two separate updates.

Obviously, we need more information on this before we can really treat it as fact but it is the best we have at the moment with Rockstar saying nothing at all.

If this is true, how do you feel hearing that Rockstar are prioritizing fixing the glitch first before rolling out the next update for the game? Is this actually the best move that Rockstar could have made rather than release the update with the glitches still there?

Let us know if you have experienced the creator glitch that the insider is talking about. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more information on this soon.



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