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Facebook Android app changes hit a nerve

The Facebook app for Android was updated almost two weeks ago now and it looks like changing the app all the time has started to upset a lot of people. This app was also updated for iOS devices, although it never got a design refresh like the Android version.

Facebook Android app changes include – an all-new look, the ability to swipe in order to navigate to different areas of Facebook, a new search button allowing you to search anywhere, you can search most recent as well as other feeds that appear on the right under the More section. There have also been several Facebook app for Android improvements to help with speed and reliability.

When we visited the Google Play Store to check out this new version of the Facebook app for Android, we found that many of you who updated were not happy with the constant changes, which we already said above. One user said that they are now unable to locate recent posts, and that notifications no longer updates.

Another Android user who updated the Facebook app said that Facebook should stop changing the layout and concentrate on improving stability and features instead. Since the update, many of you who updated to the latest version of the Facebook Android app can no longer figure out how to change to most recent posts or most popular.

Some of you have even complained that all they seem to get is old stories over and over again, and feel that it is about time another social media service took over Facebook.

Have you been having trouble since Facebook updated to the latest version of its Android app, and if so has this forced you to stop using it until these issues have been rectified?



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