Dragon Age: Inquisition classes live with map

If you are a big Dragon Age fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that there has been a big Dragon Age: Inquisition news update ahead of the highly anticipated release date in October.

Bioware has now updated the official website with information regarding the Dragon Age: Inquisition classes in the game. Specifically, you’ll see that there are three main classes in the game, these being the Warrior, Mage and Rogue classes.

Each class is going to have its own unique abilities and tiered unlocks to work through, but new information suggests that these three classes will also have sub categories as well.

This is following a trend from the previous two Dragon Age games, and it looks like some of these secondary specializations have been leaked early. Developers Bioware have confirmed three officially and these are “Champions” for Warriors, “Knight Enchanter” for Mages and a “Artificers” morphing ability for Rogues.

However, further digging has revealed even more specializations for the classes. Internal game code has also found that the Warrior class will get specializations called Templar and Reaver, Mages will get Necromancer and Rift Mage, while Rogue class will also get access to Assassin and Tempest specializations.

On top of this, we can also see that the Dragon Age Inquisition map is now live as well. This is essential reading for those that are planning to get the game in October, while you can also zoom in on points of interest to study the map in closer detail.

Have a look at the map and new class information, then tell us your impressions of the game so far. Is this a must purchase for you or not? Dragon Age Inquisition releases on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC – let us know what platform you are going for.



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