Braum LOL release date theory

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 29, 2014

The skin name might be confirmed, but when it comes to the League of Legends Braum release date it is only theory at this time. If you haven’t seen any gameplay for the Dragonslayer, then take a look at the 2-minute video below this article that we were teased with a few days ago.

Current speculation for the LOL Braum release date window would be 2 to 4 weeks, and there’s a good chance you will see Braum launch with patch 4.7 or 4.8. Considering League of Legends update 4.6 only just released, you can count on Riot Games looking at 4.7 and we hope that the Dragonslayer arrives with the next patch considering the amount of time normally between updates.


You can see one persons insight for patch 4.7 right here, and also take a look at the official LOL Braum abilities below that were revealed to build release date hype and interest in future updates. His skills include Glacial Fissure, Unbreakable, Stand Behind Me, Winter’s Bite, and Passive Concussive Blows that are all explained in more detail below.


We’ve also heard from some Product Reviews readers with their theories about the Braum LOL release date and one gamer explained, “I’m placing my bets on a 2-3 week launch window”. Another added, “Champions shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 weeks, so I think Braum will release with LOL update v4.7 although I don’t want him rushed and would be happy to wait longer for quality”.

What’s your theory on the Braum release date and the next champion to be lowered in your opinion?

Personally, we think the Braum release date will be within the next month considering previous updates and with patch 4.7. Some people also feel that Fizz will be the next champion to be lowered. Watch the gameplay video below and let us know what you think about the abilities.

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  • The Heart of the Freljord

    Every single comment says a different relase date. Sure, he’s been released for awhile now, but It’s still just funny to me.

  • SKT T1 Faker

    is released

  • aoiwjd

    They were actually planning to release him today, 5/7! But due a ‘PBE bug’ (Why would you focus on fixing a beta when you have a full game nice excuse) he was prolonged, which I’m actually guessing that yes, this bug being dealed with, but they’re also probably testing Braum with certain champion abilities and seeing if any of them will have a problem. Personally I think dash abilities + Unbreakable will have a few bugs with them. i.e Jump Strike, Dragon’s Decent, etc.

    • just adding that

      Their not just ‘fixing a beta’, they found the bug because of pbe. In fact that’s exactly what pbe is for, to make sure they can fix anything wrong before they release new patches in the normal servers.

  • tygr20

    Expect to see Braum on 5/12 with the normal maintenance patch. They’re currently only doing aesthetic tweaks on the PBE right now- same thing happened with Vel’koz and Heartseeker Ashe.

  • BurningRubb3r

    Will be release prob. around 21th of May

  • budd