ET for Atari buried then found

We have something for the gaming purists out there now, especially those who are familiar with the urban legend surrounding the ET for Atari buried legacy. We can in fact confirm that the ancient rumor was true, the infamous Atari game was buried, but has now been found years later dug up in the New Mexico desert.

Over the weekend, ET for Atari was found around three decades after it was originally buried by the legendary video games maker. The reason for its burial, was due to ET widely being recognized as one of the worst games ever made at its time, not to mention the game itself containing some crippling bugs that can only be laughed upon now.

If you ever recently called a game unplayable, watch the ET for Atari gameplay below just to give you an idea of what it was like in 1983 – remember that this was a game that was based off the successful movie by the way.

You can read the full history of the game and about the burial in more detail here. The finding of the Atari ET cartridges is being treated as a holy grail by social media right now, but let us know what you think about it.

It’s amazing to note that some of the ET Atari cartridges appear to be in playable form as well, which bodes well for those lucky enough to pick one up since we hear that some of the games will go on to be sold as collector’s items.

Do you feel the excitement over this story, or wondering what the fuss is all about?



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