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2048 high score sets game record

If you were addicted trying to achieve Flappy Bird high scores in the past, it looks like one new social trend has got everyone talking. Now, the 2048 game has arrived on the scene, with users immediately addicted to this new game and trying to record 2048 high scores instead.

Not only has 2048 arrived though, but someone has even gone to the lengths of combining Flappy Bird with the new 2048 strategy game to create 2048 Flappy Bird which is a mixture of the two.

It means that users have been trying to hit their best 2048 score, but also try and break a record 2048 Flappy Bird score as well – all fun and games for the user and completely free to try out.

You can play Flappy Bird 2048 online here for free, while if you are still interested in checking out Flappy Bird, you’ll find a clone version here – creator Dong Nguyen has still not decided whether to bring the Flappy Bird app back to the App and Android stores remember.

We had an overwhelming response to Flappy Bird high scores, so we are keen to find out just how many of you have already managed to master 2048 and 2048 Flappy Bird. If you have already compiled what you think is a 2048 world record, get in touch with us below on what you have achieved so far.

Have you managed to beat 2048 or have you been trying for weeks? We’ve added some 2048 high score gameplay runs for you to check out below.



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