Definite PS4 1.70 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 26, 2014

We can finally give the definite PS4 1.70 update release date to Product Reviews readers, and this is due to confirmation arriving from a tweet published in the last 24 hours directly on PlayStation Europe’s Twitter page. This download date comes after rumors signaling the same launch for the PS4 1.70 firmware update earlier this month.

You can see the tweet in question in the screenshot below that doesn’t give too much away about the PS4 1.70 features, although we are told more notes will follow soon confirming everything that’s to be included. What PlayStation EU did reveal is the firmware will include HDCP Off and SHAREfactory, but we already knew this previously when other details were disclosed.


What would you like the so-called “more soon” to mean, is there any new features or problems you want fixed with PS4 update 1.70? With only 4 days until the release date, you’ll soon know everything.

It is clear there’s a lot of requests by gamers and too many to include, so you count on a few unhappy customers. Requests given so far include the ability to copy videos to usb storage, DLNA support, “a fix for the recording function to allow SHAREfactory to edit recordings wanted rather than randomly timed”, and also PS3 users want the HDCP improvement.

You can read some other insight about the next firmware in this article that we published after Sony said the download is “very close”.

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  • Sam

    Yes! For the love of God Sony will you please add DLNA or USB support so I can get all my personal stuff saved on PS4. Once we have this I can finally stop swapping my PS3 & PS4 over.
    Its not difficult but boy is it a pain in the ar*e.

    Side note what was the point in giving the PS4 USB 3.0 when we can’t even utilise the speed of it to transfer data? (Yes I’m well aware of SHAREfactory)