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XCOM: Enemy Unknown review positivity for Android

When XCOM: Enemy Unknown was first released the reviews were rather positive and as such, it wasn’t long before there was talk of a mobile version. However, it took a while before it was finally released to mobile devices, but on iOS at first. However, we are happy to see that XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Android was made available for download a couple of days ago, and the reviews seem to be rather positive.

Many of you will already know the story behind the game, but for those who cannot remember, or who are new to the game will have to fend off an attack from an unknown enemy. You have to take command of a team known as XCOM, and it isn’t just about fighting your enemy, as you have to get your base up and running by researching new technology in order to win the fight.

You can find all the details and features of this great gaming app on the Google Play Store, where you will see that the XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Android price is $9.99.

It is also here that we have found that there is review positivity for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the Android platform.

Many of those who have downloaded the app seem to agree that the game has been ported faithfully because not much has been sacrificed from the PS3 version. However, seeing as though you are paying $9.99, you would be far better playing it on a larger Android device so a tablet rather than a smartphone.

Within all the reviews we can see that the price comes up time and again, although for those of you playing the game agree that it is worth every cent because time has been spent on the port, rather than rushing it.

Okay, so we know there are some negative reviews, such as a few issues where XCOM: Enemy Unknown crashes on some Android, but this is surely down to the devices rather than the game itself?

We would love to know your thoughts on this latest Android app, and if you think it has been worth the wait?



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