Undisclosed GTA V Online DLC

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2014

Over the past few weeks we have been officially treated to news about Grand Theft Auto V Online DLC and this revealed a lot of facts about what is coming with pending GTA V DLC, but what about the downloadable content that’s yet to be revealed? The release date for such add-ons will be weeks away, although we have to wonder what Rockstar is yet to deliver and of course some gamers will want much more than has been revealed.

What we do know is that Rockstar will soon deliver known DLC which is the Heists content. This missing content was originally meant to release shortly after the game launch, but never did and has since kept fans waiting ever since.

We know that the GTA V Heists DLC will be free, but Rockstar also has big plans to release GTA V Story DLC, which will be paid-for and be more akin to that of the GTA IV expansion packs which were much larger in size.

Right now though, we want to focus on upcoming GTA V Online DLC that is on the way, both what you would personally like to see and other areas in which you think Rockstar will add regardless.

One of the biggest demands that we have seen so far, is for Rockstar to deliver a GTA V Zombies DLC mode for GTA Online, similar to the way in which the excellent Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption was launched.

Although many believe that the zombies formula has been overdone to death, you’ll be amazed at just how many GTA V players want to see this for GTA V above any other DLC.

The Jetpack is coming to GTA V soon

The Jetpack is coming to GTA V soon

Moving away from zombies though, what else could Rockstar possibly do after Heists to keep players entertained? Rockstar will be well aware that many GTA V players will look to move away to play Watch Dogs online on May 27. We have a feeling that they will be plotting ways to keep GTA V players engaged during this time, so expect to see some exciting content to keep the player base happy.

Players have waited so long for Heists that there may be a danger that it is overhyped. Once GTA V Heists is done and dusted, players will inevitably get bored after time and look for the next piece of major DLC for GTA Online.

Don’t forget that there are also plenty of other unsolved areas in GTA V that Rockstar could fill in terms of DLC – the Jetpack mystery being one prime example.

Then of course, you have the never ending desire to see GTA V Alien DLC, which we doubt will ever go away until GTA VI is out. Again though that is just one suggestion on many that we have seen from the community.

Would you like Rockstar to keep it simple and give you some specific new GTA V DLC for cars and weapons? Have a think what you would like to see in the game after Heists for GTA Online and let us know your ideas for Rockstar below.

Remember that Rockstar has to keep everyone happy from Summer onwards, that’s a lot of content to provide!

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  • D.Palos


    • Danny MacFarlane

      Hell yeh that would be really fun

  • thinknoonchi

    What did this article review, or at the very least reveal? Not one single fact. Why did it show up under Google news then, I might wonder.

  • truevip


    – ☆Crew HQ buildings that would offer shared garage space for crew cars, helipads and runways depending on building purchased and surrounding geography traits. These buildings could house additional security forces like security guards and could also contain variety of mini games that players can use, either individually or with friends: maybe minigolf, pool, or even poker….

    A crew HQ could also provide a bunch of additional benefits such as crew warfare where players could attack rival gangs, and infiltrate their base and steal loot or other crew assets. Crew reputation/large fee could allow upgrades to security measures, vehicle storage space, entertainment, or even personal drivers similar Merriweather pick up service.

    Possibilities are endless with a crew HQ




    – tuner cars and race cars

    – more muscle cars like old Mustang. ☆Bring back the Dukes!☆


    – ☆4WD monster truck

    – H1 hummer

    – ☆functional flatbed car transport. Operates like tow truck but insted of winch arm going up or down, one direction flatbed inclines to ground and engages winch line, the other direction retracts line with the car onto inclined bed and than flattens out with car secured.

    – functional cherry-picker truck (phone repair truck) with driver/user operated boom arm/ or a firetruck with movable ladder.

    – make scissor-lifts/stair trucks at airport functional (they already exist, just modify code to become a dynamic vehicle)


    – ☆VTOL airplanes: one could be non-combat v22 Osprey, and F35 with semi-guided rockets and JDAM bombs (VTOL is necessity in GTA!)

    – Ultra-light small and slow personal plane (cheap+accessible in confined spaces)

    – Rocket powered plane for ultra fast transport but 15-20 second one-time use.

    – Sky Crane helicopter


    – ☆Wing Suit for distance sky-diving

    – Hang glider

    – ….Jetpack!!!!….

    – Hovercraft



    – ☆Purchasable off-road suspension for added ground clearance and shock absorption

    – Hydraulic suspension (popular request)


    – chopped roof for vehicles that permit such mod

    – Snow plow for some trucks for ramming cars


    – ECU upgrades for top speed increases

    – ☆4WD or RWD conversion where applicable

    – nitrous kit with exhaustable supply (great for race mistakes since respawn takes too long and ruins race)


    – ☆off-road wheels that increase wheel diameter

    – ☆enhance wheel type characteristics ☆(off-road wheels grip dirt better and worse on pavement, sport/high end wheels offer better traction, muscle wheels increase grip with tire-spin for burn-starts and corner drifts, tuner wheels offer decent grip with slipping characteristics for drifting)

    – wheel hub spikes for cutting tires on other cars and damaging the body. Podestrian murder just a perk 😉


    (Driver controlled, replaces personal weaponry)

    – Light rotating MG turret

    – mounted turret in pickup truck beds or other vehicle specific location. Only person in bed or specific passenger spot can operate.

    – front mounted .50 caliber slow firing cannon. Forward firing only

    – flame thrower, front and rear firing only- appx. ~20 foot distance

    – smoke screen, oil slick, and tire spikes as featured in single player

    – ejector seat (not a weapon but its a defense against )

    – active camouflage (light bending like the movie ‘predator’)


    – anti-material rail capable of extremely long range and very high damage

    – trip mines, or claymores…. an explosive with a proximity trigger

    – smoke grenade. Would be great for evading aggressive online players

    -tranquilizer darts that affect victim like they were drunk. again, great for online

    – mortar… long range artillery capable of eliminating threat without the need for line of sight. Large fuel/air warhead with an appx. kill zone of 15 feet

    – remote control air drone explosive

    • Danny MacFarlane

      Brilliant ideas from my point of view

    • randy bakko

      New music would be awesome! Crew compounds, better crew logos or at least more freedom or versatility on creating your own logo. Pimp mode mini game to make money.

  • Chuck U. Farley

    Bring the animals from the story mode to online, for various reasons.

    • Wow..

      You act like they have the power to make this happen, you’re better off at Rockstar’s Suggestion page. I doubt they’ll listen to you either.

      • GrebGoneBad

        Well aren’t we Mr Positive?

  • Tyler

    The DLC we all want is the stuff that was SUPPOSED to be in the game in the first place, but cut out in a bout of laziness; the large amount of vehicles that were cut since GTA IV, the heists, multiple property ownership, more weapons. Also I’d like to see the little things fixed, like not being able to buy storage facilities for larger vehicles, instead having to use ‘Pegasus’, and still having the same ‘solid’ scenery as GTA IV, such as semi trailers and farm equipment that are part of the landscape. Rockstar is only focused on profit, so the chances of them fixing the things inherently wrong with this game, which there are a lot of, are slim.

    • Brian B.

      Hiests were never supposed to be in online from the start, never. As for the cars I agree with you.

      • ftw

        Yea they were u dumb ass do ur research u fuckin douche bag….

      • GrebGoneBad

        I think you’ll find heists were actually one of the major contributing factors to gta V sales, however, along with a host of other features it was never ready in time.

    • Vito S.

      It’s the fans fault not rockstar, you guys rushed the game so rockstar gave you rushed crap. It’s the main reason Gta V has lots of updates, I’m surprised the game looks as good as it does. Gta V should of been released around October 2014 not on 9/17/2013, it would have been THE best gta of all time. Don’t get me wrong though, gta v is a great game, I’m just saying if they waited another year gta v would be perfect. No bugs, less updates, detailed backgrounds, more mini games, etc. I hope next time Rockstar takes their time and perfects Gta VI, where ever it takes place, and people don’t push them into releasing crap just to play it and get bored hours later.

  • Elmo Blatch

    Put a civil rights guy in the game and have them get assassinated starting off a full scale riot.

  • Elmo Blatch

    Put a bowling ball in it so you can bash ppl in the head or roll the ball into a bums face when he’s passed out. Put a 4th guy in Story mode. Have him have like 5 different personalities. Have the guy pee and poop his pants too.

  • mystery shane3p

    And also gym we need to work out plus new things like playing basketball and football for gta online.

    • Bremen

      We, need to work out? ….Lol my player doesn’t get fat so why would I NEED to work out? I want alot of things, doesnt mean everyone else does.

  • mystery shane3p

    I will like to see traveling to different states and new music for a new update. And also new cars online not the cars for us but the cars the pedestrian drives and we are tired of living in apartments we want homes, new missioms with the character and dating for our online player add these and I bet that people would not want to play watch dogs that much.

    • Brendan

      Dating?? Lmao you need to get out more….seriously.

      • GrebGoneBad

        Says the one who’s stuck inside making useless comments online…

  • wontstaystill

    Great read, most exciting article to date. Bravo. #lifeREPOLLC

  • Kevin Vela

    Thanks for the pointless article.

    • NgTurbo

      Read the comments Kevin, are you calling the excellent feedback from everyone pointless as well?

      • Kevin Vela

        Yep. This article didn’t say anything, and the comments aren’t saying anything. Think Rockstar is reading them? Don’t be delusional.

        • Brendan

          I love it how people get fooled with the SAME words put in a different order….every article is pure speculation, same speculation that’s being repeated on every other site. No one knows crap lol

        • Kevin Vela

          Exactly, isn’t everyone tired of these long articles that say absolutely nothing? What do people really want? Release dates. Thats it. This article is just a shameless bump in google search results.

      • James Bischoff

        I would call it and them pointless. I have taken nothing from the article or these fact less comments

  • Danny MacFarlane

    Formula one cars would be cool, and definitely zombies omg that would be awesome

    • Dannell Sinclair

      No zombies that would suck it suppose to be real life save that zombies for the call of duties

      • Danny MacFarlane

        It wouldn’t be anything like call of duty, two completely different game types and if it happened it would be a dlc so people could decide whether or not they wanted it or not.

  • ThatKidUAllKnow

    They really need to bring back the gym!

  • ShadowHitman

    Natural Disasters such as Tsunami’s and volcano eruptions or Rockslides, you could also add seasons and animals to make it more realistic

    • Dark_Lotus_Society

      Animals NEED to be in online. I don’t understand why they did not include them.

      • joe

        Ya I would like hunting with my guy

    • NgTurbo

      Natural disasters is a very cool idea.

  • Jesse

    Oh and interiors and more car mods for all cars

  • Jesse

    Tanks gone, Drug dealing, and zombies would be cool. I feel the hiests are going to be way over hyped. Gta v is a great game but overall disappointing with there slow update releases. The whole game just felt over hyped.

  • jordansimms

    Can we take tanks out of the game please?

    • Dark_Lotus_Society

      I used to feel differently, but I agree with you. If there was a quicker (not easy, quicker if using right strategy) way to kill tanks I would be all for them. The fact is though, that there isn’t and 10 RPG is just way too many to kill a tank. Way to expensive and the tank will kill you before you get one off 9 times out of 10.

  • Jeremy

    the ability to own more than one property and rent out property owned to friends or other crew members at a cost we determine.

    • Mufassason

      Hmm too much like Sims but you can buy more than one property on the next DLC

    • Brendan

      Wtf?…lol seriously wtf? this is gta 5. In case you forgot…whats next? A housing market crash DLc?

  • alex

    we should get more illegal activities. for example, maybe abduction of an important npc and holding ransom, mercenary missions, government contracts, bring in a gang system like in san andreas, gambling, bounty hunting, espionage, property destruction, wmd’s, raids

    • alex

      and also fightclubs

      • Mike

        Don’t talk about fight club.

        • jack

          mike you already broke the first rule.

    • Dark_Lotus_Society

      Crews are gangs, however, I see your point. It should be easier to have gang on gang activity or fights.

    • Dannell Sinclair

      That would be live or more of a open world like 3,4, San Andreas

  • Albert Rosales

    I want to start a revolution. The reason people exploit and do glitches to obtain money, is because money is too important to the gta online interface. I want to see a DLC that could bring something called “classic mode.” In this mode there will be no personal vehicles, no safe houses, and no money. In other words I want a seperatr mode that makes the online experience that is exactly like the online for GTA IV. All people do is cause chaos anyway. This way no one will get penalized for the chaos and everyone can have the freedom that they all ask for. Does anyone else agree with my idea?

    • Jasmine

      Disagree and I have my reasons.

  • Mike23UA

    See here’s the thing, Zombies “worked” in Red Dead Redemption because you DIDNT have access to Rocket Launcher Mini Guns, Jets and Tanks.. What I would rather see is something more properly meant for GTA V.. And these are simple things that I have no doubt WILL be added, the biggest one- opening up building interiors.. Cause I get tired of shooting enemies in wide open wasteland and would love a little more variety. Next up Job DLC.. As In being able to do Taxi,Tow Truck, & Fireman Mini Missions in free Roam to earn some extra cash on the side. As well as Dynamic random events & Animals.
    Whys GTA Online need animals you ask? Hunting mini-games.. And so the Sea and the Forests aren’t empty and without any action, nothing beats getting mauled by a bear or chewed on by a Jaws. Every DLC will come with new clothes and vehicles so saying anything here would be a waste of breath, but what I would absolutely LOVE is a patch that makes all of the Mini-Games that are hidden and scattered across the Map that are currently only In the game for looks… To become playable for those not keeping count.. There’s a pool table, the Quebed arcade Machine, Air Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball & then of course… There’s the Casino.. Which should include Poker, Slots, Roulette, Craps, & Blackjack.. And as an added bonus, said Casino DLC should Double up as a heist location.

    These are things I want.. Because if they did Zombies it would have to be Epic as in Ammo is hard to come by.. A working vehicle would be rare to find, and the city is in complete ruin, no fast zombies attacking in hordes of hundreds either, think Original Dead Rising.. And you’ve pretty much Nail’d it. And Aliens.. Well Saints Row 4 has those… I used to love the SR series.. But SR4 took it too far. Please for the love of god lets not ruin GTA too by asking for ridiculous DLC, more Co-op (contact Missions) would be nice too.. I get tired of repeating the same 42 missions over and over again.

    • Walter White

      I completely agree. I want to see more interiors and the only way I’d want a zombie dlc is if it was like the walking dead. Please no god awful alien dlc rockstar.

    • Dark_Lotus_Society

      I agree with you, but I would love some kind of formula where there was a massive city like GTAV infested with zombies. It HAS been overdone to death, but could be brought back and fun if done properly. Great points by the way.

  • Truth X

    where did this guy learn to write? FULL of errors making this piece more difficult than it had to be to understand. how about someone whose vocabulary made it past the sixth grade?

    also, I can’t be the only one who is tired of the same three people writing the same six articles over and over again so when I go to Google for actual NEWS on the subject, this crap clogs up the search! no one cares, and nothing in this article was an original thought.

    • asher t

      Truth x wat a geek u are

    • Dark_Lotus_Society

      You should learn how to capitalize properly in your writing before you criticize others. 🙂

  • jason1000

    Give me Zombies or give me death!

  • Se7en

    Alien invasion would be much more interesting than zombies. Plus all the things eluding to aliens in the game makes that type of gameplay make sense. Zombies are just old news.

    • ur mom

      Ur old news….