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Sceptre 32-inch Color Series HDTV specs and price

Yesterday saw the release of the new Sceptre 32-inch Color Series LED HDTV range, which has been designed with the décor of your room in mind. It is all very well having a new TV in black or brushed aluminum, but what is the point if it looks out of place in the room you have it in?

Okay, so we know that these TVs do match many different room décors, but not if you have an overly colorful room. The new range of Sceptre TVs are part of the Color Series, and now the new 32-inch model is already available and comes in various colors; these include black, pearl white, pink and purple.

Personally, these TVs are perfect for girls, as we know they love a splash of color in their rooms, although the white and black would be ideal for boys. The price of the new Sceptre 32-inch Color Series HDTV is a little on the steep side at $500, although some of the key features and the colors do make it almost worth the price.

Sceptre 32-inch Color Series HDTV specs and price

The main X322XV-HDR Color Series specs are 720P, a resolution of 1366×768, parental control settings, Sceptre Sound bar Remote Features and much more, all of which can be seen in the image above.

If you are in the market for a new TV for your living room, then we would advise giving this model a miss, but if you need a second TV for your kitchen or bedroom, then the X322XV-HDR Color Series could be the perfect option for you.



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