Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on PS4, Xbox One demand

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2014

We have played some very good Marvel games in recent years, but sadly also some very bad ones too unfortunately. One of the good games is undoubtedly Marvel Ultimate Alliance and we are wondering why there hasn’t been a huge demand to see a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game on PS4 and Xbox One yet.

If you haven’t played either of the Ultimate Alliance games yet, you really should as they are arguably one of Marvel’s finest games to date – bearing in mind we grew up with classics such as Separation Anxiety on the SNES. The first Ultimate Alliance game was developed by Raven Software, while the sequel was handled by Vicarious Visions.

Both games were received very well among critics and fans, which is why we are surprised that there hasn’t been huge talk for a third game yet. We would love to see Ultimate Alliance 3 turn out to be the first big Marvel game on next-gen consoles and we’re willing to bet that most of you feel the same.

The graphics of the first two titles were obviously lacking compared to the excellent gameplay, but just imagine what Raven Software and Vicarious Visions could do instead on next-gen hardware.

Memories...imagine this in 1080p!

Memories…imagine this in 1080p!

If and when the game is announced, we also expect the added hardware to be of massive benefit to fans in terms of what kind of roster we can look forward to. The first two games had huge rosters by themselves, but the PS4 and Xbox One could be able to support almost every well known Marvel superhero there is – split between playable and DLC of course.

With the endless Marvel storylines, a potential Ultimate Alliance plot could be limitless as well, so it wouldn’t be exactly hard for a developer to think about a story – they’d just have to put the nuts and bolts together to make it work.

For ideas though, check out this amazing fan concept on what potential Ultimate Alliance 3 characters there could be and how a story would work for the game.

Do you agree that somebody needs to step up and make Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for PS4 and Xbox One? Make your voices heard below.

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  • marcus

    Well, the first two ultimate alliances were good but as you see graphics done by the ps4 and Xbox one it has really improved a lot. Marvel ultimate alliance is a fan favorite by many and making an ultimate alliance 3 will be a kicker.

  • Matt Michael James Hilliker

    I’m rlly wanna play PS4 Ultimate Alliance 3 and should be 2015 because most ppl love it alot Ultimate Alliance 3!! 😀 😀 Also i rlly wanna player Hulk Avengers Age Of Ultron in Ultimate Alliance 3. 🙂 thanks Please thanks god for Ultimate Alliance 3 PS4 on 2015 😀

  • x-men fan 147

    Have the alternate costumes speaking of that put the Winter Soldier in their as a playable character and let his alternate costume be Bucky Barnes and yes their should be a MUA3 for PS4 and Xbox 1

  • x-men fan 147

    add rouge and shadowcat

  • dragonfan9000

    yes MUA3 for PS4 and Xbox 1

  • sharya

    I really think it’s time for someone to step up for another ultimate alliance game

  • elleby

    I thought they were gonna make a MUA3 because I had looked online that I saw that a lot of characters will be in their and another reason is because I had the first and second one for the xbox 360 so yes definitely

    • eleby

      Also another thing I was wondering can marvel add 5 players instead of 4 please if u guys did that will be epic.

  • Sinclair

    Yes I have been waiting a long time to get the game cuz I got the first ultimate alliance game in 2010 and I got the second one in 2011 for my PS3 so yes definitely.

  • Joshua Philip King

    I would buy the game. I hope all the players are playable because the 2nd one let me down big style

  • dan

    Yes it would be awsome ! Where can i really comment too make a diiference

  • Daniel Brongers

    The first one was great. So was the second one, though MUA2 contains alot of bugs…Nevertheless, I would buy MUA3 for sure 😀

  • Paul

    I would buy this game in a heart-beat … Bring it back!!!

  • themysticz

    Yes 2015 Ultimate Alliance 3 for Xbox One and Ps4 no last gen!

  • Charles Butcher

    totally agree! rocked the first two and have been anxiously anticipating the third for quite some time!!! hope emma frost is in the playables!

  • Michael McDowell

    For sure I been waiting on this vary game to be announced. Both games are amazing and are part of my permanent games I got to say a 3rd installment is needed that and a revamp of men legends.

  • mumbo jumbo

    Please make this game immediatly. Idc what your doing. Stop. And make me happy

  • godsofwar05

    Thay need to make a marvel game that plays like dcu online now that would somthing id love to see

  • Isaiah

    Yeah I would buy it I love these games

  • Jarad Prahler

    if they doi make it and it’s only next gen i’ll say screww marvel games for good DCUO is tough to beat!

  • Legacy Harrison

    I need it!ultimate alliance 3,with maybe injustice style graphics and 4plAyer offline coop!my mouth is watering

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    I would buy ultimate alliance 3 if there were alot of characters for full price my kids in i would love it make it 4 players as well ik with new graphics on ps4 it be kool i mean spider man 2 looks kool but i dont just wanna be spiderman i like too be ghostrider or wolverine or cable or deadpool iceman gambit human torch exc it be awesome too see all of them playable in a marvel alliance 3 masterpiece too bad naughty dogg didnt make it cause they make games great and take there time

  • I was just talking about this game. Yes I agree we should have this for next Gen.

    • Andre A Silvestri Sr.