iOS 7.1.1 update problems after install

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2014

How are you getting on with the iOS 7.1.1 download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? Earlier on this week we told you that the iOS 7.1.1 update had gone live, after initial teases and hints that Apple were planning on issuing a fresh version of their mobile software.

The pleasing thing to note straight away, is that we have seen a lot of feedback from consumers who have said that iOS 7.1.1 has fixed many of their problems. However, we have also seen some specific issues from consumers who are still reporting iOS 7.1.1 problems during and after installation.

First of all, it looks like many consumers are having problems actually trying to install iOS 7.1.1 onto their device. One Tweet below shows evidence of this, but we have also picked out a more detailed complaint over on Apple’s support forums, in which one user states that he has been unable to install iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 4 over WiFi for two days.

It appears that this problem is specifically related to Windows not being able to identify Apple’s update, a problem that can often be fixed by reinstalling iTunes.

On a more serious matter, another complaint on Apple’s forums tells the story of one user who actually ended up with a bricked device after installing the iOS 7.1.1 download. Even worse, the affected user also says that after the issue occurred he was unable to restore data as well, preventing a fix from being made.

It’s important to note that these are isolated cases and not everyone is having problems with iOS 7.1.1. The majority of users are enjoying Apple’s latest update without any issues, but it looks like there are still some issues affecting a minority.

If you have encountered iOS 7.1.1 problems after updating on iPad or iPhone, get in touch with us below.

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  • Roy

    My Iphone4 has the iTunes icon with a plug, after I tried to update. It now will do nothing!

  • Christine

    Seems I can’t play some of my songs on my IPhone 4 since the upgrade. The songs are visible in my list but have a download circle next to them.

  • Tazlion

    After installation of 7.1.1, my Wi-Fi has not been working properly. The phone get stuck when restarting the network. Had to restore the network several times before the Wi-Fi worked. Also dealing with screen freezes. Hope version 8 fix these bugs.

  • Sharon

    Since the 7.1.1 update, I, and four people I know, have been unable to send photos via iMessage. They only go through if you switch to text.

  • David

    After installing the update I can no longer open photos that were sent to me in a text message.

  • Bjarne

    Having difficulties with WIFI and BLUETOOTH connection after installing IOS 7.1.1.

  • drp-1

    my iphone 5 no longer makes text or ringtone alert noises after the 7.1.1 update.

  • miz979

    my phone is straight jacked up from it. iphone 4. the home button now reboots my phone every time you press it. Imagine trying to exit any app and how many times you need to hit the home button.

  • ejm

    facetime and imessage no longer work.

  • Wut44

    My iPhone 4s has been having trouble running apps and will crash every once and a while. Today it froze and was completely unresponsive for a good 5 minutes before I plugged it into iTunes and restored the backup on my computer. Then it rebooted and so far, so good…

  • Client88

    Since updating to 7.1.1 I can no longer join any wifi spots. Theres nothing wrong with the wifi itself as others are using it perfectly fine (home and at work) and so was I until this update.

  • Nikki Marasco Merson

    Updated to this version from IOS 6. Now it won’t sign into my home wifi. Signs me off twice a day, at least. Tells me “incorrect password” and “unable to sign in”. I have had to reset network settings every day to get it to work, but today: nothing works. It’s also noticeably slower, totally drains battery, and I wish I had just stayed with IOS 6.

    • wickedwitch7

      If you can see your wifi network but not maintain a connection, click on the circled i next to the network name. Enter the network password in client id, then hit “renew lease.” I did all the prescribed reset & whatnot, but for whatever reason, the password didn’t stick on my phone until I did this. Hope it works for you.

  • gina

    stuck in connect to itunes screen

  • Luna

    Well my iphone 5s now has a complete mind of it’s own. Siri and voice control come up repeatedly without me even touching the phone. It keeps jumping from app to app as well and ringing people to it’s own accord. I’ve tried to restore my phone several times but it keeps telling me to restore it over and ovwr again. I don’t knwo what to do!

    • Brittnie Britt

      Did you find a fix for this or did it fix itself? I’m having the exact same issue.

  • Yesenik

    After 7.1.1 update my phone freezes when it never happened before but now it freezes every time for a few seconds !! It sucks !! Please don’t update this is totally frustrating dud nothing but ruined my phone when it was perfectly working before !!