Avengers Alliance PVP problems

Those of you who are playing Avengers Alliance may have been having some issues right now. We have spotted that there are Avengers Alliance PVP problems, preventing players from completing tasks and gaining points in the leaderboards.

Right now, if you log into the game we advise you to stop playing PVP as you will receive an automatic update message after completing a battle. This means that you cannot fight your daily 5 battles at the moment, until Playdom fixes it for everybody.

The most obvious explanation for the problems is that they are planning to update the game with Avengers Alliance Season 2 Chapter 5 in the coming hours. We also have spotted that a new PVP task has become available for bonus Taskmaster Lockboxes, which could be another reason for triggering the problem.

At the moment, you will keep seeing Avengers Alliance ‘The game has been updated’ message every time you finish a battle in PVP, so don’t waste your time.

Hopefully Playdom are working on fixing this as we speak and we will all be enjoying both PVP and Chapter 5 later.

Are you also having problems with Avengers Alliance PVP errors right now? Get in touch with us below.



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