Sky Go app down on Xbox Live UK

The official Xbox Live Status page not only details any possible outage with core services, but you also get detailed information about different apps that might be down today, which is exactly what’s happening to a couple of apps right now.

At the time of writing, it looks like there are some problems for those using Xbox Live UK, specifically with the Sky Go app. Looking at the official Xbox Live status, it seems like Microsoft has confirmed some issues, as there is a warning sign stating that Sky Go app on Xbox One and Xbox 360 is now offering a limited service.

On top of this, Xbox Live down reports are coming in, but as far as we’re aware the service is still available to most and Microsoft has reflected this on their status page by saying that all core services are up and running as we speak, including social, gaming and TV services.


Having said that, we can still see that some of you are having problems accessing Xbox Live right now so it’s clear that the Sky Go problems may be affecting general Xbox Live service as well.

As we await more details from Microsoft regarding this, let us know your situation now with regards to Xbox Live status in the US and UK.

Can you connect to Sky Go in the UK, as well as Xbox One gaming online, or are you having problems with everything? We’ll update as necessary.



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