GTA V Dinka Thrust desire for styling

As we told you earlier on this week, the highly anticipated GTA V High Life update release time is still not live. Rockstar are delaying the content for a little while longer, with gamers desperate to get their hands on new vehicles such as the Dinka Thrust motorbike.

The Dinka Thrust is the one vehicle that we haven’t heard anything about, unlike the three new cars which we already know some details on – the Dewbauchee Massacro, the Enus Huntley and the Pegassi Zentorno.

Rockstar are keeping it a secret for now, fueling speculations that the new bike could go on to be one of the fastest bikes in GTA V and a new firm favorite. At the moment, a debate has been brewing on whether the Dinka Thrust in GTA V is a crotch rocket or a chopper.

At the moment, it appears that the GTA V hardcore community are united in believing that the Dinka Thrust will be the newest member of the crotch rocket line, a debate which you can interact with here.

The ultra cool Dinka Akuma
The ultra cool Dinka Akuma

Directly above is a picture of the style of bike that we could be seeing, although obviously it is just a request and obviously not linked to an official image of the Dinka Thrust just yet.

Remember that the Akuma bike in GTA V also belongs to the Dinka range, so we could expect to see a bike with similar stylings. Either way, don’t be surprised if the Dinka Thrust ends up being the most popular new vehicle in the High Life Update, which is why Rockstar hasn’t revealed it yet.

What are your thoughts on the Dinka Thrust so far, what type of bike do you think it will be in terms of design and capability?



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