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Cartoon app for Android HD camera

Those who are looking for the best Cartoon HD app on Android for photo taking may be interested to hear that Momentcam now has some good competition. Google Android camera apps are becoming very popular and although we see Momentcam as one of the best, InstaCartoon for Instagram on Android is also worth taking a look at.

We have taken a look at Momentcam in closer detail in the past, the amusing app from Asia that allows you to take photos and select themes with unique caricatures. Now, it looks like this trend has reached other areas and we can see that the popularity is hitting the US with InstaCartoon.

The app has just launched on Android and the developers are claiming the app to be the ‘best Cartoon Camera app’ available on the Google Play store right now.


Like Momentcam, you can convert your photos to cartoons, but unlike Momentcam we can see that InstaCartoon has some very different effects, such as the impressive blur theme which we can show you above.

Once you are done creating your dream photo, you can then take it and share to spaces like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail and Evernote – absolutely free. While it’s great to see another free photo editing app on Android, there does appear to be mixed reviews so far.

Have you tried this app on your Android device? If so, let us know your thoughts on it at the moment or feel free to offer alternatives.



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