Siri for Apple TV 4th generation only

With the slew of new set-top boxes hitting the market, with the Amazon Fire TV being the latest, it is obvious that the Apple TV needs to come with several new features. We have already discussed what updates are needed, although one slipped us by in the article.

There have been rumors in the past that Apple TV could come with Siri down the line, but as yet we had no indication as to when. However, hidden in the iOS 7.1 SDK code is a reference to Siri for the Apple TV 4th generation, which came to light in a recent tweet.

Okay, so the code does not state it will be the Apple TV 4G, but seeing as though a mic is needed in order to speak to Siri, it is rather obvious this feature cannot be added with software alone, and so a hardware refresh would be needed.

This will be a blow for those of you with the current Apple TV, as this would mean you will miss out on Siri, and that opens the door for other missing features.

It would not be a bad idea to introduce Siri to the Apple TV, especially as Amazon’s Fire TV supports voice search.

Having used Siri on my iPhone and iPad, I think the feature is a little overrated, although it would be of greater use with the likes of Apple TV because its current search capability is slow and limited.

Now that we think of it, there is a slim possibility that Siri can be implemented on current gen Apple TV devices as well, and that is by using the remote app on your iPhone or iPad, which means you can make use of their mics.

Do you think that Siri will be of better use on the Apple TV rather than the iPhone or iPad?



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