PS Plus May 2014 update on PS4

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2014

It is that time again, where we can now look forward to the PS Plus May 2014 update. PS4 users have been enjoying Mercenary Kings for a month, but at the start of May we will have a new game to enjoy and fans have already started to make their predictions on what it could be.

PS Plus is a great reason to own a PS4, with Sony offering unbeatable value that fans have very little to complain about. Not only do PS4 owners get a new game to play each month, but Sony also provide discounts to existing titles as well and new releases.

While we wouldn’t have minded at all if Octodad: Dadliest Catch was the PS Plus May 2014 free game on PS4, that obviously won’t be the case now that it is live and available to buy already. However, Sony are throwing in a 20% discount for PS Plus members, which is very good for a brand new game release.

As for predictions, there are some interesting choices. As you can see below some gamers are already wondering if Planetside 2 may be the free game on PS4 next month.

We’ve also added a useful video below, giving you more predictions with a ‘Top 5 possible PS4 games’ for May’s PS Plus update. Knack is one of the games included in the list, with many suggesting that it is now time for Sony to offer Mark Cerny’s game up for free.

We can see that Daylight has been mentioned as well, as many of you believe that Sony may make this the next free game – an interesting choice we think, especially considering Sony has already offered up horror title Outlast a few months ago.

As we await possible leaks in the days to come, let us know your predictions for the PS Plus May free game. Tell us firstly what you would like it to be and secondly what you think it will be.

Update 1: Here’s the confirmed PS Plus May update for Europe – Stick it to the Man on PS4, Payday 2 and Puppeteer on PS3! Let us know what you think about the selections. We’ll confirm the US update soon.

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  • codfan69 the best in world

    Hey guys I only like cod please destroy non cod games please. It’s a waste of money to make non cod. Let’s all start a petition to kill all other worthless stupid games. Only cod. Yay 420 blaze it

    • XX Jaycam XX

      Are you being serious? if so its just as well people like you have no real input when it comes to the gaming industry otherwise there would be no game industry at all. The majority of gamers (true gamers) don’t like to play only shooters especially COD, COD = run shoot, run shoot, die in small maps, VERY BORING after awhile but I guess teens to early 20yr olds don’t have that many years of gaming experience to really know much at all so that’s why they are addicted to COD. I, like many gamers love open world games that draw you into a story, quests/missions & adventure where you can play it pretty much how you want instead of linear games. BTW nice to know your a drug addict & you had to tell everyone since you had to mention 420.

  • omri

    only payday 2 is good…

  • RagingRussian

    Octodad wasn’t bad I thought and it not going to be on there for May IT JUST CAME OUT. I just want Minecraft for the PS4 and Vita free or not.

  • FlirtyBerty

    Wild guess but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Killzone: Shadow Fall.

    I can buy it brand new from my local shops for £15 ($23) and even cheaper pre-owned.

  • Alkaporty

    From what I can see, Daylight is being released on April 27th, so chances are that it wont be the free PS4 games (unless they change the way they did it for past months)

    Planetside 2 is a free to play, like DC Universe and Warframe, so it wont be.

    And only one indie game is scheduled to come out on May 6th and it’s “Stick it to the man”. So my guess is that it’s going to be that game, though I’d like to see Knack just to replay it again, because it’s a nice little game, compared to past free PS+ games at least.

  • gavandjake

    i really HOPE we get knack coz most of us are sick and tierd of ALL the inde games we pay all this monny for a top of the line ps4 then pay top doller for ps+ and wot do we get in return crapy inde games.plzzzz listen up sony to wot we would like.


      1) learn english
      2) 15 bucks a month is not top dollar
      3) there have been a LOT of good free games on PS+ for the PS4 lately. outlast was awesome. even so, there straight up aren’t many games for the PS4 right now period, the pool for them to give away from is really, really small.

      • Capt. ‘Merica

        With your grammar and lack of punctuation, you sir should not be a judge of the English language. With that said, I agree with your second and third points. Ps plus is a great service, I mean they could just charge you a monthly fee for multi player if they wanted. Be happy with what you have, because it could be worse.

        • Suchet B

          Regardless of the gramma or whether people pay top dollar is silly to discuss when the real point is we should be getting quality games. Which we do sometimes on PS PLUS like OUTLAST but also we get games which look like Mercenary Kings. I think with the amount of money SONY have made they could afford to give us a lot more and a lot better.

          The fact that we have a small pool of games on PS4 could easily be resolved by SONY by simply making the console backward compatible.

    • Bensaw11

      Agreed, I think they could think about giving away something like knack or killzone instead of another indie I’m not gonna play. You can’t act all grateful to a corporation like Sony because they just want your money. Make them take the high route and give the consumers what they want. Truth is indies are cheaper to make free and that why they do it.

  • joe

    Daylight or outlast would be nice. Probably gonna be some rubbish like knack… But hey.. I want the 1.70 update to hurry up!

    • FlirtyBerty

      “Rubbish like Knack”

      Go back to square one and play on your Dreamcast kid

      • RagingRussian

        I love my Dreamcast… Nothing like House of the Dead 2 action.

        • poop

          Except every light gun game ever. That’s a lot like it.

      • joe

        Super Nintendo all the way.. Can’t beat retro 8bit gaming

        • Tyrion619

          Super Nintendo was 16bit…

        • Ryan Ennis

          lol i think you got him with this one. lol

    • PlayStationTHOR!!

      Outlast came out with the PS+ in February.

  • josh

    In my opinion Mercenary Kings sucks so badly.

    • James Gamez

      People who say Merc Kings is bad simply don’t get the game, weren’t into games before 1996 or don’t have the patients to see how unique and cool it is.

      • Yuhar Schmelling

        Or would like something better than a throwback attempt to redesign Metal Slug.
        It is more than possible for indie devs to make games of higher quality than what we have seen thus far. (See:Hover)
        I dont expect aaa, but there is only so many times I can kill the exact same enemy in games like MK before it bores me to tears.

  • Thomas

    Want: Knack
    Think: Daylight (still good)

    Its not gonna be planetside, planetgside is a free to play anyway

  • Shawn Longsden

    Planetside 2 Yes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes Yes YesYes YesYes YesYes Yes YesYesYes YesYes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KozyP

    we want KNACK !

    • NgTurbo

      I hope you get it!