Pokemon Z release date theories

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest Pokemon X and Y news, you are probably aware of the fierce rumors suggesting that a potential sequel is on the way called Pokemon Z that could star X and Y legendary Zygarde.

At the moment though it remains just a rumor as Game Freak or Nintendo have obviously no intention of announcing a new game so early with Pokemon X and Y still very much in a healthy state with tons of unreleased content on the way.

That hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited though and there appears to be many theories circulating on the likelihood of the next game being called Pokemon Z.

While most believe that Zygarde is heavily involved after the Thousand Arrow and Thousand Wave move leak recently, we’ve seen others speculate that Game Freak may go a different route and announce Pokemon Zero instead.

Having said that, we perhaps need to point out the period when the Pokemon Gray rumors got out of hand and turned out to be incorrect all along. Game Freak announced Pokemon Black and White 2 instead so we should take this as an example not to get too excited without any form of official confirmation.

The possibilities for the next game are obviously endless though and very exciting to consider. We wouldn’t mind if Game Freak chose to mix it up completely either, one example of this could be to announce Pokemon Z as a prequel to Pokemon X and Y.

This could show the Kalos region in its ancient state and perhaps feature the origins of Zygarde and show us why the creature turned out to be such a legendary figure – with the two moves mentioned above coming into play, as well as a possible Zygarde mega evolution.

Just one theory to consider, but we’re sure you also have some fantastic ideas that you want to share. If you have been reading up about the Pokemon Z theories, let us know what you think may happen with the next game in terms of storyline.



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